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The 8 Worst Mistakes Bluetooth Intercom Rookies Make and How to Avoid Them


It's July now, and it's time for motorcycle novice riding performances, where you can enjoy the joy of traveling together. Before starting to ride, do you feel a little restless looking at the equipment in front of you? SCSECT helps solve your troubles. Using SCSECT's G7+ motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom, we provide the 8 worst mistakes Bluetooth intercom rookies make when using Bluetooth intercoms and how to avoid them.

G7 Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom

1. Mistake: Unfamiliar with the operation of Bluetooth intercom

● Solution: Before using the motorcycle Bluetooth intercom, read the operation manual carefully and do some practice. Learn the basics like how to turn on/off, pair, adjust volume, and switch channels. For example, motorcycle friends want to answer the phone while cycling outside, and want to contact their companions conveniently, what should they do now?

The motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset G7+ provides hands-free calling and voice command functions, which allows riders to realize convenient communication and control operations during riding.

The hands-free calling function of the motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset allows riders to talk to other people without using a handheld device. By pairing with a phone or other Bluetooth device, you can have two-way conversations through the microphone and speaker in the headset. This way, you can keep your hands on the handlebars and keep your attention on the road while communicating with other people.

The G7+ motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset supports the voice command function. This means that you can control various functions of the headset through voice commands instead of using your fingers. For example, you can use voice commands to answer or reject calls, adjust the volume, switch music or radio channels, and more.

But the premise is that you must be familiar with the operation of the motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom G7+.

G7+ Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom Included Equipment and Parts

2. Mistake: Ignore Battery Management

● Solution: Motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms have limited battery life. Before using the Bluetooth Intercom, make sure the battery is fully charged, and turn off the Bluetooth intercom when not in use to save power.

The G7+ Bluetooth Intercom comes with an instruction manual and guide. In the instruction manual, you can find specific instructions and advice on charging the battery. G7+d battery capacity: 2000mAh, intercom working time: 20H, video working time: 6.5H, standby time: 15 days, charging time: 2.5H.

Charging precautions: It is recommended to charge the battery of the Bluetooth headset regularly, even if you do not use the Bluetooth headset frequently. This helps keep your battery healthy and ensures you have enough charge when you need it.

G7+ Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom Battery Capacity 2000 mah

3 Mistakes: Ignoring Environmental Distractions

● Solution: There may be various disturbing factors in the motorcycle riding environment, such as wind noise, traffic sound, etc. Try to avoid these sources of interference to maintain good communication quality.

G7+ motorcycle Bluetooth intercom supports HiFi stereo music playback function so that riders can enjoy high-quality music during riding. By connecting a mobile phone or other music playback devices, you can hear the music in high-fidelity sound quality through the speaker in the intercom headset. This allows you to enjoy clear, dynamic music while riding, adding to the fun and enjoyment.

At the same time, G7+ provides CVC (Clear Voice Capture) digital noise reduction technology, which can reduce the interference of environmental noise and wind noise, and improve the quality and clarity of calls. Influence. This is especially important at high speeds or in noisy environments, helping cyclists communicate better.

Note: CVC digital noise reduction technology can improve call quality, but it may still be disturbed by wind noise when driving at high speed. It should be used with the microphone provided by G7+ and the microphone position should be adjusted to minimize wind noise interference.

Bluetooth Intercom Speaker Φ40mm For Better Sound Quality

4. Mistake: Ignore the intercom range limit

● Solution: The communication range of Bluetooth intercom is limited, and the intercom range of motorcycle Bluetooth headsets is between tens of meters and hundreds of meters. Actual connection distance may be affected by various factors, including environment, weather conditions, obstacles and sources of interference, etc. Therefore, maintain good communication quality and try to keep the distance within range.

G7+ high-quality Bluetooth motorcycle headset, using advanced communication technology, provides better signal transmission and connection stability, can support a maximum connection distance of 500m, and supports a two-person group mode intercom.

G7 Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom Support 2 Riders Intercom Mode

5. Mistake: Not protecting the Bluetooth Intercom

● Solution: Choose a Bluetooth walkie-talkie with a rainproof structure. Avoid dropping, immersion in water, or overexposure to high-temperature environment.

The G7+ motorcycle Bluetooth headset has a waterproof shell, made of waterproof material, this shell can prevent moisture from penetrating into the inside of the headset and protect the electronic components from water damage. The interfaces on the earphones (such as charging port, audio interface, etc.) have rubber gaskets and sealing covers to prevent moisture from entering the interface and damaging the circuit

Proper use and maintenance of the headset can prolong the durability of the motorcycle helmet bluetooth headset

6. Mistake: Ignoring Bluetooth Version

● Solution: The higher version of Bluetooth intercom can provide better connection performance, audio quality, and energy efficiency. When purchasing a Bluetooth intercom, make sure that the Bluetooth supports a higher version for a motorcycle riding experience.
The G7+ Bluetooth intercom uses Bluetooth 5.1 to provide a faster and more stable connection. Supports higher audio bandwidth and lower audio latency, providing better audio quality. G7+ supports the simultaneous connection of multiple devices, increases the transmission power, and improves the signal transmission algorithm, which can achieve a longer communication distance between the intercom and enhance the reliability of the wireless connection.

G7 bluetooth intercom uses a higher version of bluetooth V5.1

7. Mistake: Recorded motorcycle trip videos are blurry

● Solution: During the ride, the camera may be bumped and shaken, causing the recorded video to appear jittery or blurry. You can choose a camera or camera headset equipped with a stabilizer or anti-shake function to provide more stable and clear video.
The G7+ motorcycle Bluetooth headset uses 1080P and camera focusing by App to take pictures and record videos, providing more stable and clear videos. With a 32GB memory card, don't worry about not being able to record or store videos.

G7 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Uses 1080P HD Video

8. Mistake: Microphone signal intermittent

When using the microphone of a motorcycle Bluetooth headset, you may experience intermittent or interrupted signals, resulting in dropped calls or discontinuous sounds. This could be due to signal interference, the device being too far away, or the battery being low.

● Solution: Keep the distance between the headset and the microphone as close as possible and make sure the battery is fully charged. If there is interference from other wireless devices or signal sources, move them as far away as possible from the headset and microphone.

SCS G7 Bluetooth Helmet Camera Intercom

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