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The Best 9 Tips for Choosing Bluetooth Intercom to Rookies Make



To choose a good motorcycle helmet intercom, consider the following factors:

1. Compatibility

Different helmet models may have different internal structures and shapes, a good motorcycle Bluetooth intercom can fit 99% of helmet styles properly.

bluetooth helmet headset simple operation

2. Sound Quality

Choose a Bluetooth intercom with excellent sound quality to enjoy clear and high-quality audio&music during your rides.
Whether on the highway or in noisy city traffic, it can effectively reduce background noise and ensure call quality.

motorcycle bluetooth intercom hifi sound quality

3. Communication Functionality

Select helmet Bluetooth intercom that comes with a microphone and noise-cancellation technology to provide good call quality, even at high speeds.

choose motorcycle helmet bluetooth intercom noise cancellation technology

4. Comfort

Opt for a motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom that offers comfort since you may need to wear it for extended periods.
Bluetooth intercom has a simple design and easy to mount on a helmet, equipped with easy-to-operate buttons and control interface.
Riders can easily adjust the volume, switch channels, or answer calls even while wearing gloves.

there is no discomfort when wearing the walkie-talkie at the last time

 5. Ease of Operation

Choose a Bluetooth intercom with user-friendly control buttons and features that allow you to conveniently adjust volume, switch tracks, or answer calls, especially when wearing gloves.

easy to operate bluetooth intercom with comfortable buttons

6. Durability

The Bluetooth intercom should withstand the vibrations, wind, and harsh weather conditions encountered during motorcycle rides. Look for a motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset made with durable materials and equipped with waterproof features to ensure it can endure long-term use and various riding conditions.Whether in hot summer or rainy season, it can maintain good performance.

motorcycle helmet bluetooth headset with IP67 waterproof structure

7. Price

Motorcycle Bluetooth headsets come in a wide price range, from tens to hundreds of dollars, but the most expensive is not necessarily the best. Select a price range that fits your budget and ensure that the Bluetooth headset offers good value for money.

choose your own motorcycle bluetooth headset

8. Reviews and Comments

Before making a purchase, you can read reviews and customer feedback about different headsets to gain insights into their performance and quality.

motorcycle helmet bluetooth intercom customer reviews

 9. Ask The Professional

Consulting with experienced motorcycle enthusiasts, motorcycle forums, or store staff can provide more specific and personalized recommendations.

consult professionals to understand the functions of motorcycle bluetooth headsets
All in all, motorcycle helmet intercoms not only provide high-quality, advanced communication functions but also provide riders with a safer and smarter riding experience. It's an essential piece of gear for the modern motorcyclist, helping them stay connected, and alert, and enjoy a more convenient, smart ride while riding.

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