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Real Interview About Motorcycle Enthusiasts and Bluetooth Intercom


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Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience that can be enjoyed in many different ways. Whether you feel the wind blowing on the wide track, conquering tricks on the stakes, braving the rain with your motorcycle friends, enjoying the excitement in the rain, or joining a motorcycle club and competing , looking for an extra challenge and enjoying the ride. No matter which way you choose, there is always something new and exciting waiting for you on two wheel
Through a few questions today, we will take you into the world of motorcycle enthusiasts

● Q: Why Love Motorcycle Riding And Become A Cycling Enthusiast


· Michael

The roar of a motorcycle engine is one of my favorite sounds. From the deep roar to the high-pitched scream, I felt a unique charm. When I listen to the roar of the motorcycle engine, it makes me feel the power and speed. Secondly, when I am riding the motorcycle, my hearing clearly feels the sound of the wind and the roar of the engine, which makes me feel very comfortable with freedom, even the click of shifting is a kind of enjoyment, it can increase my confidence and satisfaction in riding.

· E. Witmer

Motorbike riding brings people closer and can promote emotional exchanges. My girlfriend didn't dare to ride a motorcycle before, but she didn't feel afraid when she sat behind me, just because the two of us were together, my girlfriend felt safe, which made me feel that I was needed

· Brian Kolley

I enjoy the freedom. I can get closer to all the visual and auditory feelings brought by nature during travels, which is incomparable in a closed car. I don't have to worry about the danger of riding a motorcycle, and it is inconvenient to answer the phone. Wearing a motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom, I can make or receive hands-free calls, and listen to music and GPS voice guidance. This can effectively ensure your safety while riding.

· Sergio

I like to make friends, and I like to meet other motorcycle friends on the road. Motorcycle friends are very friendly and will help each other. When they meet on the road, they will nod and say hello or honk their horns. This feeling is very cordial and easy to meet because the routes are similar. When I ride around the city on weekends, I will always meet Different friends. I don't think it's necessary to say that we become friends. We meet by chance on the road, chatting and so on, and in the end, we don't need to contact each other. We forget each other in the rivers and lakes.

● Q: During The Motorcycle Riding Process, Encountered A Profound Impact Thing

· Michael

What impressed me the most was a wild ride, because it was the first time I went, and I was not very familiar with the surroundings. I happened to meet a motorcycle friend nearby. He knew that I was here for the first time. He was worried that I would not be in danger on the mountain road, so he lent me a motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset with multiple people talking at the same time. When the maximum communication distance with him is about 800m, you can talk through the motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom, and the sound quality is very clear.

In this way, my motorcycle friend took me on a ten-kilometer mountain road. On the way, a motorcycle friend introduced the terrain and the road sections to pay attention to through the Bluetooth helmet intercom. At the same time, he also shared music with me. We enjoyed the same song together during the journey. 

The rider took me to part at the fork in the road. After the parting, he rode his motorcycle alone to other cities. Although I don't know the name, I still miss this kind of fate very much.

After I went back, I immediately bought the same SCSETC S-8X motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom as motorcycle friend. Every time I travel thereafter, I will bring a Bluetooth headset, which has become an indispensable part of my motorcycle equipment.

s-8x motorcycle helmet bluetooth intercom and headset

image: SCSETC S-8X motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom

· E. Witmer

I was driving a motorcycle once, and I happened to be in a rush hour, and the city traffic was congested, and the traffic jam became a pot of porridge. And in this case, the advantage of my motorcycle is obvious. I rode my motorcycle through congested roads without being restricted by traffic jams. Even if it encounters a narrow road, it is not limited by the width of the vehicle. Allowing me to accelerate quickly in a short period of time and get out of traffic jams quickly, I like the flexibility of the motorcycle.

· Brian Kolley

What impressed me most was that the motorcycle club I joined led the motorcycle friends to participate in the competition in the heavy rain. 

The course of the race was very difficult and it was raining heavily. However, we did not give up because of these difficulties. Instead, we all sorted out the racing gear and checked the motorcycle Bluetooth intercom equipment.

Our club uses SCSETC S-11 multi-person Bluetooth intercom, because the s-11 motorcycle Bluetooth intercom has CVC digital noise reduction technology, so environmental noise such as wind noise and engine noise will not be annoying. Even at high speed, the voice quality will not be affected, don't worry about contest strategy communication.

At the same time, the Bluetooth walkie-talkie is waterproof and dustproof, and adopts an IP67 waterproof design, which can be used in any weather conditions. The Bluetooth intercom allows our club to use it with confidence even in rainy weather. It allows us to have no fear of bad weather during the race. It makes our club's motorcycle friends more united and work harder to move forward.

In the end, I am very happy that the motorcycle club purchased SCSETC S-11, because the S-11 motorcycle Bluetooth intercom has 2K HD Camera & Video, which records all the highlights of the race one by one, allowing me to see these photos and videos anytime. 

scsect motorcycle helmet bluetooth intercom and headset

image: SCSETC S-11 motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom

· Sergio

Because I have been riding a motorcycle for 5 years, I am familiar with various riding skills and often share them on the Internet. Recently noticed by an advertiser who was looking for someone to shoot a motorcycle ad. I was immediately invited to the program because of my cool motorcycle skills. This opportunity allowed me to showcase my talents and gain recognition from my peers.

● Q: What Do You Think Must Be Brought For A Motorcycle Trip

relaxed-free-motorcycle-ride.png· Michae

Like the story I just shared, the SCSETC S-8X is something I will definitely bring.

In addition to the advantages of the S-8x motorcycle Bluetooth headset I mentioned before, the motorcycle Bluetooth headset can make or receive hands-free calls, freeing my hands during riding.

Listen to music and GPS voice guidance, which can effectively ensure my safety while riding. The 650m Ah battery exceeds most helmet headsets on the market. After fully charged, it can achieve up to 8.5 hours of phone talk time/music playback time and 15 days of standby time. With the S-8X Bluetooth headset, you don't have to worry about running out of electricity to listen to music during long-distance travel.

Because the S-8X motorcycle Bluetooth headset uses CVC (clear voice capture) digital noise reduction technology to actively capture and filter the noise of the surrounding environment during riding calls. The Bluetooth headset has a built-in FM radio, and I often listen to the radio while riding.

· E. Witmer

I personally think that based on my experience of several motorcycle tours, I don't need to make too much preparation. A mobile phone and a motorcycle Bluetooth headset are enough.

Because when I was on my first motorcycle trip, I brought a new camera I just bought, which cost close to 10,000 US dollars, and I lost it on the first day of departure, which made me feel distressed. After I came back, I asked the motorcycle friends around me, and most of them recommended the SCSETC.COM Official motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset to me.

After consulting the customer service of, I recommended the S-12 Bluetooth Intercom, which has 2 cameras and Video Working Time: 4H. I don't have to worry about power issues at all, and it also meets my needs for taking pictures. Since I installed the S-12 bluetooth intercom on my helmet, I have never lost it.

Another time, when I was hiding from the rain, I took off the fuel tank bag. After the rain stopped, I left. The bag was left in the same place. I found it lost more than two hours later. I came back to look for it, but of course, I couldn't find it. Therefore, I think the most important thing for motorcycle travel is to have a mobile phone and a motorcycle Bluetooth headset.

s-12 motorcycle bluetooth intercom and headset

image: SCSETC S-12 motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom

· Brian Kolley

I also agree with the views of the previous two friends. In addition to basic equipment for motorcycle travel, such as helmets, riding clothes, and soft bags, motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headsets are essential. The motorcycle club I joined will use the SCSETC S-11 multi-person Bluetooth walkie-talkie in competitions, and we will also bring it with us when we go out for motorcycle tours.

Whether it is participating in a competition, organizing activities for a motorcycle trip, or facing various difficulties and challenges, because of the helmet Bluetooth intercom multi-rider, even if we encounter something on the road, through the Bluetooth intercom, the motorcycle friends will immediately know and give it at any time The solution to the problem, the Bluetooth motorcycle intercom is our club getting more and more united.

· Sergio

I think motorcycle travelers should bring a piece of equipment that you can easily carry without burdening you. The multifunctional helmet Bluetooth intercom headset motorcycle Bluetooth intercom is indeed a good choice. It seems that I have to buy a new motorcycle Bluetooth headset when I go back. My original Bluetooth headset has been used for a long time, and some functions can no longer be used. 

● Summarize

If you are also a motorcycle enthusiast, you also have a story to share, don't hesitate, click here to contact us, and share with us the enthusiasm and fun that motorcycle riding brings to you.

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