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Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom: In The Name of Music


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When motorcycles and music collide, a wonderful chemical reaction will occur. When you think of motorcycles, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it the sound of a roaring engine? Is it fast and furious? Or the clips about motorcycles in movies and TV shows? In this fast-paced era, people are increasingly pursuing exciting and new things. So when the speed of the motorcycle meets the rhythm of the music, it is both accidental and inevitable. Feel the charm of motorcycles in music, and experience speed and passion in motorcycles!

As people gradually understand motorcycle culture, the core of motorcycle culture is faith, respect, and freedom, interpreting the most cutting-edge century fashion. Motorcycle riding is not only the most fashionable leisure lifestyle but also the most popular form of entertainment. More and more people are fond of cycling, and many young people have even integrated cycling into their daily lives. For people who like motorcycles, what they look forward to most is the freedom and heart-pounding feeling while riding. The helmet Bluetooth intercom is just like its name. It connects to Bluetooth and performs group intercom. It helps motorcycle riders share music with a caring, friendly, open, and sincere attitude, allowing more people to enjoy the fun brought by motorcycles and Bluetooth intercoms. 

● Communicate Effectively  

The Bluetooth intercom is a communication bridge between riders and riders. It can interact, communicate, and is safer.

· Exchange Experiences

· Voice System

· Wearable Devices

Wear a helmet Bluetooth headsets and enjoy high-quality music

Here at SCSETC, Each Bluetooth intercom has its unique number, including "S-8", "S-9", "S-11", "S-12", "S-13", etc. These Bluetooth headsets are like life injected into the soul, accompanying everyone who loves motorcycles to enjoy the fun of motorcycles.

Consider "motorcycle travel" as a trendy way of life. Teaming up for motorcycle tours and mountain running is a way to find the "true self". As an important communication method for motorcycle group travel, helmet Bluetooth headsets have special requirements for the driving style of motorcycles.

During motorcycle driving, the driver's hands and feet must be involved in driving, which becomes a burden once there is a phone call or the need to communicate with a companion. Helmet Bluetooth headphones have been launched specifically to deal with motorcycle driving problems, which not only solves the problem of motorcycle travel communication but also minimizes the safety hazards caused by operating helmet intercoms while driving.

● Enjoy Pure Riding Pleasure by Wearing A Bluetooth Intercom  

Whether it is on the winding mountain road, the spinning wheels rolling over the hot soil, every motorcycle rider is flying happily, or riding under the afterglow of the beautiful blue sky at night, expressing the passion of chasing the wind together and reading the stories in the complicated life. Comfortable and joyful, these methods can fully enjoy the pure joy of riding during riding and make riding a life.

● Super Sound Reduction  

Wearing a helmet Bluetooth headphones can reduce wind noise when driving at high speeds, enjoy music in a relaxed and happy manner, and cultivate your riding sentiment. What's more, with the professional Bluetooth V5.1 chip noise reduction technology, when you answer a call at this moment, the other party will never feel that you are driving a motorcycle.

● Stereo Surround Sound  

The helmet Bluetooth headphones have surround sound effects. Even when driving, the high-frequency sounds are still clear and bright; the low-frequency sounds are deep and powerful. Let you feel the shocking sound brought by the music, as if you are at the music scene, and enjoy the pleasure brought by the motorcycle at the same time.

Even when driving at high speed, the sound of the Bluetooth intercom is still clear and bright

● Super FM Radio  

The helmet Bluetooth intercom has strong signal reception capabilities, simple switching, high-quality content, and excellent sound quality, bringing you a comfortable feeling.

● In The Name of Music, Gathering For Love  

Cool motorcycles and restless rock and roll are a kind of sentiment and the most perfect combination. What is worth recommending is the high-definition stereo sound quality of the Bluetooth intercom, which allows the rhythm of the music to be transmitted to your ears faster, reducing the loss during the transmission process, and thereby achieving higher sound quality.

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