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Do You Really Understand The s-11 Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom


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Many riders are well aware of the joy of motorcycle riding and are equipped with professional motorcycle equipment. However, there is always missing special communication equipment. A rider and his friend once went camping by the river on their motorcycles, and they experienced the feeling of speed. The only regret was that he was not very familiar with the road conditions and the communication was inconvenient. He had to stop many times to check the map on his mobile phone, which wasted a lot of precious time. This rider desperately wanted to purchase a motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom specifically designed for motorcycle riding.

At first, he used ordinary Bluetooth headphones, but every time he took off his helmet, the headphones would easily fall off or even be lost. In addition, in-ear headphones tend to block the sounds of the surrounding environment, which is detrimental to driving safety, especially the perception of external sounds such as car horns. To solve these problems, he conducted a lot of comparative research and finally chose the S-11 motorcycle Bluetooth intercom for cycling.

Why choose the S-11 motorcycle Bluetooth intercom? Do you understand the S-11 Bluetooth intercom? Let's explore its power together.

1. Multi-person Intercom  

The S-11 motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom supports the best team of 6 people to talk at the same time within a connection distance of 500 meters, providing an ideal team communication solution. The S-11 intercom is very suitable for communication when traveling with family, friends, or partners, and can also be used to share strategies with companions during motorcycle events to enhance tacit understanding.

The multi-person intercom mode is not only simple voice communication, but also allows real-time sharing of scenery on the ride, interesting things along the way, and shared music. This interactive mode makes the entire ride more interesting and an unforgettable experience. Whether it is a family trip or a team event, the multi-person intercom function of the S-11 Bluetooth intercom can create a richer and closer communication experience for users, further improving the practicality and entertainment of helmet intercoms.

2. HiFi Stereo Music Playback

The S-11 motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset provides a unique experience of HiFi stereo music playback, and its sound quality remains excellent even when driving at high speeds. The high-frequency range delivers clear and brilliant sound, allowing riders to easily hear the finer details of your music while driving. The low-frequency scale presents a deep and powerful effect, giving riders a deeper musical experience.

The advanced audio technology of Bluetooth motorcycle headsets makes the rider feel like he is in a live music performance, with every note displayed, creating an immersive and shocking feeling. The function of the S-11 intercom is not only limited to providing music enjoyment, but also allows riders to communicate conveniently with companions while driving a motorcycle, allowing them to stay in touch while enjoying music, and comprehensively enhance driving pleasure.

3. Super Long Standby Time

S-11 motorcycle communication systems is equipped with a high-capacity 2000mAh lithium battery, which can be fully charged in just 2.5 hours. Its excellent battery performance ensures that it will not run out of power easily during use. Whether it is for intercom communication or listening to music, the continuous use time is up to 30 hours, the video working time is up to 6 hours, and the standby time is up to 15 days, providing excellent battery life performance.

In addition to its powerful battery performance, the helmet Bluetooth intercom also has an intelligent voice command function, providing riders with a more convenient operating experience. Through simple voice commands, riders can easily control the intercom, switch songs, answer calls, and other functions, making the operation more convenient and faster. Make the rider focus more on enjoying communication and entertainment functions.

s-11 Motorcycle Headset Intercom Super long Standby time

4. CVC Digital Noise Reduction

The motorcycle intercom has an excellent CVC digital noise reduction function. Especially when driving at high speed, its excellent wind noise reduction technology effectively reduces the noise in the environment, creating a quiet and pleasant music enjoyment environment. This not only allows riders to immerse themselves in clear and beautiful music while driving but also helps cultivate a peaceful state of mind while riding and enhances the overall riding experience.

It is worth mentioning that the helmet Bluetooth intercom uses professional Bluetooth V5.1 chip noise reduction technology, making it even more excellent during calls. Even if riders are driving a motorcycle, the other party will not feel the background noise when answering the phone, and the call quality will be clear and interference-free. This innovative technology provides riders with a safer and more convenient communication method, allowing them to effortlessly stay in touch with others and enjoy the pleasure and convenience of driving.

5. Entertainment Functions

The S-11 Bluetooth headphones introduce exciting entertainment features and provide users with a new experience. It is equipped with 2K high-definition camera video function, allowing riders to record the beautiful scenery and wonderful moments on the motorcycle riding road. To ensure riders convenience, the intercom supports 360° adjustable angle, allowing you to flexibly capture wonderful moments from various angles.

S-11 intercom not only puts great effort into entertainment functions but also considers the issue of battery life. Equipped with a high-capacity 2000mAh lithium battery, the camera function will not consume excessive power. The video working time is up to 6 hours, giving you ample recording time. In addition, the S-11 Bluetooth intercom provides a 32GB memory card, which solves the storage problem and allows you to easily record a large number of pictures and videos. Through the App function, riders can also view and focus in real-time, and share the wonderful moments they captured through Wifi data transmission, adding more fun and interaction to motorcycle riding.

6. Extremely Waterproof

SCSETC considered some harsh weather conditions in its design and added a rain-proof structure for the S-11 helmet Bluetooth intercom. This design uses IP67-level dustproof and waterproof technology to provide motorcycle riders with a more reliable use environment. Whether encountering heavy rainfall or sandstorms, riders can use Bluetooth motorcycle headsets with confidence without worrying about the weather affecting the communication and entertainment experience.

The ingenious design of this rainproof structure not only protects the intercom from water and dust but also improves its durability, ensuring stable and reliable operation in various environmental conditions. This allows motorcycle riders to enjoy the various functions of the helmet's Bluetooth intercom in any weather condition, adding a layer of reliability to the riding experience.

s-11 motorcycle Bluetooth intercom waterproof and dustproof

7. Humanized Design

SCSETC's design team fully considered the usage habits of motorcycle riders and therefore injected humane considerations into the design of the S-11 helmet Bluetooth intercom. To provide a more convenient control experience, S-11 is equipped with oversized buttons, allowing riders to easily perform one-button operations during riding. Even if you are wearing thick gloves, you can easily press the button without being affected by the gloves.

Whether it is adjusting the volume, switching songs, answering calls or conducting intercoms, riders can easily complete it through the oversized buttons, providing cyclists with a more intelligent and user-friendly control experience. 

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