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2023 Latest Release - Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset


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Whether you are a motorcycle enthusiast or a professional motorcycle rider, you will like to chat with your lover, family, and friends, enjoy wonderful music, share scenery along the way, report road conditions, and communicate riding plans in real-time. So riding a motorcycle is not a monotonous, lonely journey.

But we all know that safety must be the number one priority when riding a motorcycle. We should use communication equipment specially designed for motorcycle riders - bluetooth headsets & bluetooth intercoms. Through bluetooth intercom or bluetooth headset communication equipment, we can communicate with others or enjoy music, and at the same time help riders improve safety and reduce danger.

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SCSETC.COM's original wish is for most friends who like to ride motorcycles to enjoy high-quality, fully functional, easy-to-use and low-cost bluetooth intercoms headsets.
SCS S-13 motorcycle bluetooth headset is our latest motorcycle helmet bluetooth headset newly launched in 2023.

You will get these from S -13 Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom:

1. Easy to Install
The S-13 Bluetooth walkie-talkie is designed to be easily installed in most types of motorcycle helmets, such as full face, half face, open face, 3/4 open face, off-road, skateboard, retro motorcycle helmets, is the rider convenient choice.

2. Compatible with Multiple Devices
Bluetooth V5.0 , CSR8670+QCC3003 Dual chipset, the Bluetooth headset is compatible with multiple devices, including smartphones, GPS devices and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

3. Connection Distance
Provides the ability to communicate with others. The S-13 Bluetooth walkie-talkie supports a long-distance communication capability of 500 meters, and has features such as hands-free operation and noise reduction technology to minimize interference and improve communication clarity.

4. Long Battery Life
S-13 motorcycle Bluetooth intercom uses a professional headset Battery Capacity 1000mAh. You will get 10 hours of working time/15 days of standby/2.5 hours of charging time, and the S-13 Bluetooth headset has a long battery life, allowing you to enjoy extended use time when riding long distances.

5. Noise Reduction Technology
S-13 Bluetooth walkie-talkie adopts noise reduction technology, Speaker: Φ40mm, which helps reduce wind noise and road noise, and improves audio clarity during communication or entertainment.
6.2 Years Warranty

Our goal is to design and produce motorcycle intercoms with good sound quality, durable batteries, full-featured and cost-effective. You will get 2 years customer commitment product quality maintenance service.


The S-13 Bluetooth motorcycle headset offers a range of features to enhance the motorcycle rider's riding experience. These functions include:

1.Rainproof Structure:
The rainproof structure can help protect the S-13 bluetooth earphones from water damage, using the real IP67 waterproof technology can resist water jets, prevent water splashes, withstand the rigors of motorcycle riding and protect them from harsh conditions The effects of weather, ensure long-lasting use.

2.Voice Command
The voice command function allows riders to control the S-13 Bluetooth headset without taking their hands off the handlebars, improving safety.

3.HiFi Stereo Music Play
We all want to ride happily and enjoy wonderful music at the same time. Put on the professional S-13, Bluetooth headset designed HiFi stereo music playback function, with high-quality audio such as stereo/bass sound effect and louder volume, allowing riders to enjoy their favorite music on the road.

4.Hands-free Phone Call
The hands-free calling function allows riders to make and answer calls without taking off the helmet or using their hands, making communication easier and safer.

5.4-8 Riders Conference Intercom Mode
The powerful function of the S-13 Bluetooth headset supports 4-8 people intercom mode, allowing multiple riders to communicate with each other at the same time, promoting a safer and more enjoyable riding experience.

6.CVC Digital Noise Reduction
We have adopted CVC (Clear Voice Capture) digital noise reduction function, which helps to reduce background noise, you can hear more clearly while riding, and improve the clarity of communication and entertainment.

7.EQ adjustment(Hifi , Popular , DJ)
The EQ adjustment function allows riders to adjust the audio output according to their preferences, providing a more personalized listening experience.

8. OVP Technology(Over voltage protection)
The OVP technology function helps to protect the earphones from overvoltage, ensuring a longer service life.

9. MST (Mix Mixing Technology)
The MST Mixing Technology function allows drivers to mix music and communication channels, providing greater flexibility and customization.

10. Built in FM radio
The built-in FM radio feature gives riders access to local radio stations, keeping them informed and entertained while on the road.

Overall, the S-13 Bluetooth motorcycle headset offers a range of features that can enhance a motorcycle rider's riding experience.

Ultimately, the decision to choose the S13 bluetooth headset or any other bluetooth intercom will come down to personal preference and individual needs. But most importantly, when choosing a motorcycle bluetooth headset or motorcycle bluetooth walkie-talkie, make sure it doesn't interfere with your ability to focus on the road or hear important traffic signals. Safety should always be a top priority.

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