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The Best Three Tricks for Choose Bluetooth Headset Intercom, Ranked


the best three tricks for choose bluetooth headset intercom

To become a professional motorcycle rider, in addition to completing documents, motorcycle equipment is essential, such as gloves and riding clothes. Of course, motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headsets are also among them. However, there are still many novices who don't know how to choose a helmet Bluetooth headset, so they ask questions everywhere on the Internet, which helmet Bluetooth headset is good? has experienced helmet Bluetooth headset users, share with you 3 tricks, and choose a suitable "helmet companion" for novices~, because it is related to your safety and user experience

1. Use Bluetooth headsets with super long battery life

Pay attention to the battery capacity of the motorcycle Bluetooth headset, because it directly affects the use time and battery life of the Bluetooth headset.

The larger the battery capacity, the longer the earphones can provide without requiring frequent recharging. It is especially important for long-distance riding or long-term use of earphones or when charging is not convenient. Choosing an earphone with a larger battery capacity can ensure that you have enough power to support the entire riding process.

In addition, in case of emergency, such as encountering problems or getting lost while riding, the larger battery capacity of motorcycle Bluetooth headsets can ensure that you can keep in touch with others or use navigation functions when needed.

SCSETC.COM's S-9 Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset boasts impressive battery performance. With a 600mAh battery capacity, it takes about 2 hours to fully charge from low battery to full charge. At the same time, it can provide 10 hours of continuous working time, and the standby time is up to 15 days, that is, 360 hours, ensuring that you don't need to worry about the battery power when you ride.

s-9 bluetooth helmet headsets 600mah battery capacity

 2. High-Quality Sound Quality Must Be Met

A good helmet Bluetooth headset should provide clear sound quality to ensure you can hear clear navigation directions, phone calls, or music playing while riding. Try to choose headphones with CVC digital noise reduction and HiFi stereo music playback function, which can reduce the interference from wind noise and environmental noise.

● CVC digital noise reduction: CVC (Clear Voice Capture) digital noise reduction technology is a noise suppression technology especially used for voice communication. It improves the clarity and audibility of conversations by reducing background and ambient noise. Wind noise is a common interference factor during motorcycle riding, and CVC digital noise reduction technology can effectively reduce the impact of wind noise on call quality.

● HiFi stereo music playback: HiFi (High Fidelity) stereo music playback technology can provide higher-quality audio performance, making music sound more realistic and clear. For riders who like to enjoy music while riding, motorcycle Bluetooth headsets with HiFi music playback technology can provide a more immersive music experience.

S-9 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset By combining CVC digital noise reduction technology and HiFi stereo music playback technology, the motorcycle Bluetooth headset can realize clear voice calls at a speed of up to 120km/h. This means that motorcycle riders can more easily make phone calls and stay in touch with other riders while riding without being disturbed by ambient noise. At the same time, you can also enjoy high-quality music playback, making the riding process more enjoyable and enjoyable. In addition, the Φ40mm speaker meets your needs for calls and music.

S-9 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Has CVC Digital Noise Reduction Technology And HiFi Stereo Music Playback Technology

3. Rainproof Structure Is Required

The waterproof performance of the motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset is essential. If it is in foggy weather in the mountains, or if it falls into the washbasin while washing hands, it does not have good waterproof performance, and it is easy to be damaged by water.

Especially in riding conditions faced with wet or rainy weather. Make sure that the helmet Bluetooth headset has good waterproof performance to prevent moisture from entering the headset and causing damage.

The overall design of the S-9 motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset is a waterproof structure, which can provide reliable waterproof protection. Under certain conditions, the s-9 helmet Bluetooth headset still works normally after a short period of immersion in water.

However, it should be noted that even though the s-9 motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset has a highly waterproof structure, you still need to properly protect your helmet Bluetooth earphones, try to avoid prolonged immersion in water, or use them in heavy rain, such as using a rain cover or placing them into a waterproof bag. This can further increase the protective measures of the earphones and prolong their service life.

S-9 Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof Structure


When choosing a motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset, it is often the first to judge its appearance, while ignoring other issues. Therefore, when choosing a motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset, you can't just rely on its appearance. Here are 3 tips to quickly help you choose a motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset with intercom, battery life, headset sound quality, and waterproof structure.

Of course, choosing a motorcycle Bluetooth walkie-talkie meets these 3 points, and you can also choose according to your own needs, such as hands-free calling function, wearing comfort, camera function, etc.

In the end, make a choice based on your budget. Make sure your choice falls within your budget and offers the basic features you need.What kind of motorcycle Bluetooth headset do you use? welcome to chat with us.

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