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Multi-riders Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Makes The Journey Never Lonely


multi-riders motorcycle bluetooth intercom makes the journey never lonely

Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Makes The Journey Not Lonely

For riders who like to ride together, ride long distances, or often participate in motorcycle races, it is still necessary to have a good communication device that can meet the needs of multiple riders for bluetooth conference intercom.

Motorcycle Riding Artifact

An intercom call mode with more than 4 riders, In addition to traveling in a team, you can use it for safe hands-free calls. You can also use it to communicate with riders in the same team via bluetooth, so you can hear your partner's guidance tips and food exchanges more clearly. At the same time, the motorcycle bluetooth headset's multi-person intercom mode can help you chat with fellow riders to relieve boredom and get rid of loneliness during long-distance riding. It can be said that once this kind of bluetooth intercom is used, the riders have no way to give up the riding artifact. Almost all helmets will be equipped with motorcycle bluetooth headsets with multi-person intercom.

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Choose SCSETC S-3 as Your Journey Partner

SCSETC's S-3 is a motorcycle helmet bluetooth intercom with multi-person conference intercom mode.
The S-3 motorcycle bluetooth headset is equipped with a bluetooth 5.0 chip, which can support 4-6 riders to talk at the same time. After the Bluetooth connection to the mobile phone, it can automatically answer, reject and hang up the call. Bluetooth walkie-talkie, which can ensure uninterrupted connection even within the maximum communication distance of 1000 meters, with better stability and connectivity. The helmet Bluetooth intercom is not easy to be interrupted. And it can be used in different outdoor environments, S-3 is a great bluetooth headset for outdoor helmets.

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As the main product of SCSETC, the S-3 motorcycle bluetooth intercom not only allows multiple riders to intercom at the same time but also has other advantages.

√ CVC digital noise reduction

S-3 motorcycle bluetooth headset is equipped with a professional noise-reduction microphone, which can receive your voice clearly. The received sound is processed by an intelligent noise reduction chip to ensure high-quality stereo sound

√ Speaker

The helmet Bluetooth headset comes with a Φ40MM high-impedance high-fidelity speaker. Whether you are talking in a group or listening to music/FM, you can hear the sound very clearly.

√Long battery life

S-3 motorcycle helmet bluetooth intercom system is equipped with a 1000mAh battery capacity, supports up to 10H working time, 15 days standby time, 2.5H charging time, easy to set detachable boom microphone, suitable for all FACE/MODULAR FLIP/3/4 OPEN HELMET. It's perfect for daily commuting/long trips.

√ Waterproof design

The shell of the S-3 Bluetooth helmet walkie-talkie adopts an integral casting process. This manufacturing process reduces the gap between the joints, so it has a good waterproof function. It can cope with all kinds of outdoor weather and can be used on rainy and snowy days, making your outdoor riding more worry-free

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What Are You Thinking About

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then this S-3 Helmet Headset Bluetooth Intercom is for you.

If you like to ride in the desert, the S-3 Bluetooth helmet intercom can handle hot weather and dry climates.

If you love to participate in motorcycle events, the S-3 motorcycle Bluetooth helmet intercom can help you connect closely with your teammates in team events

If you often ride on rough mountain roads, fear not! Our S-3 bluetooth earphones are very strong and unbreakable

If it rains while you're out riding, don't worry our S-3 Bluetooth headset intercom is waterproof.

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