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Is The SCSETC S-12 Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom the Right Choice for You?


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We all know that it is an indisputable fact that using mobile phones while driving a motorcycle affects safety. Especially compared with electric vehicles/motorcycles that do not have a cockpit, the protection effect on the driver's safety is worse, and it is more likely to cause injury in the event of an accident. In response to this problem, a series of smart helmet products have been launched for motorcycles. The combination of "traditional helmet + smart Bluetooth intercom" allows motorcycle riders to enjoy more smart services while receiving safety protection.

Every smart helmet Bluetooth intercom is produced after a lot of preliminary research and development, design, and testing, including appearance design, material selection, lining details, and even microphone design, etc., which all require a lot of investment and budget.

Take the SCSETC S-12 motorcycle Bluetooth intercom as an example to see what outstanding features this model has.

1. Excellent Features

(1) HD Intercom

It supports a two-way high-definition intercom with a maximum call distance of 500 meters. It has an advanced noise reduction system that can reduce the noise caused by environmental factors during riding.

(2) 2000mAh Battery Capacity

The motorcycle headset has a capacity of 2000mAh and a low-power consumption design, allowing the intercom to achieve ultra-long standby time. It only needs to be charged for 2.5 hours. The Bluetooth intercom has plenty of energy and can work for 30 hours. No need to charge when traveling outdoors. It can provide 2 cameras with 4 hours of working time and a standby time of 15 days, so you don’t have to worry about charging.

(3) Real-time Group Intercom

The S-12 motorcycle Bluetooth headset is highly compatible and stable and supports four riders in the best condition to make high-definition sound quality calls within a distance of 500 meters, including personal communication hands-free calls, fleet communication voice commands, and group communication conference intercom modes. Riders can enjoy the safety and convenience of hands-free listening to music, retrieving GPS routes, and receiving voice commands, FM, and more via Bluetooth wirelessly, allowing them to enjoy racing.

(4) Bluetooth 5.1 Chip

The latest Bluetooth 5.1 technology provides a stable Bluetooth connection and excellent sound quality. Fast speed! More power saving! No license delay! No noise!

The helmet's Bluetooth can automatically answer calls, and the microphone allows you to enjoy clear calls without any noise, making your ride safer.

(5) HD Camera Intercom

Built-in high-definition front camera 2k and rear camera 1k, with 360° adjustable angle, support App focus function, so that the helmet Bluetooth headset can record and capture wonderful moments in riding life. At the same time, the Wifi data transmission function allows you to use your mobile phone to view videos and pictures recorded by the intercom, ensuring clear vision and safe travel.

(6) Ultra-thin Speakers

Using Φ40mm speakers and multi-level noise reduction can provide good results even in noisy environments.

(7) Music Sharing

Super cool and user-friendly design, the S-12 helmet Bluetooth headset supports music sharing, and riders can share wonderful music and joy with their riding partners. In addition, the s-12 motorcycle headphones are also equipped with 3 types of sound effects, allowing you to enjoy different music styles.

· HiFi Stereo Music Play: High/bass effect. It's loud when riding and has 3D sound quality. The connection is stable while riding, no calls are dropped, and the music plays loudly.

· CVC Digital Noise Reduction: Helmet headset noise reduction technology, the volume is large, and the helmet headset transmits clearly. Compatible with all smartphones with functions and can be used for motorcycle riding, skiing, horseback riding, MP3, and GPS can be independently supported. Make sure you can still be heard clearly while driving at high speeds.

· Pure Human Voice: High-definition sound quality, wind noise, engine noise, and other environmental noises are not annoying. Voice quality is not affected even at high speeds.

Bring a helmet Bluetooth intercom with you while riding

2. Exquisite Design

(1) Ultra-thin Intercom

The one-touch intercom, light and compact, will not squeeze your ears, suitable for all helmets. The headphone speakers are loud and can be heard while riding at high speeds. The Bluetooth connection is stable and will not be disconnected. Suitable for different helmet types. 

(2) IP67 Waterproof

Each s-12 Bluetooth Intercom can withstand the negative pressure test of 10 kPa (equivalent to 1 meter underwater), effectively blocking the wind and rain on the riding road, and can be used in any weather conditions, fearlessly in the wind and rain Continue to explore and pursue freedom to ensure a smooth ride.

(3) Easy to Install

There is Velcro in the headphone box, and it comes with different types of Velcro and clips. The headset can be installed in the helmet in 2 minutes. The two-in-one soft and hard microphone is clamped to the base in the box and has an adhesive base that can be easily installed according to your needs.

(4) Simple Button Operation      

The buttons are reasonably laid out and the functional areas are clear, ensuring that the blind operation of riding with the handlebars can be completed quickly and safely.

S-12 motorcycle Bluetooth intercom exquisite design

3. Summarize

To make riding safer and more convenient, the S-12 motorcycle Bluetooth helmet headset is specially designed for remote operation and is used for functions such as mobile phone calls, stereo music playback, and videography. It can be said that S-12 is a Bluetooth intercom that integrates Bluetooth communication and action cameras. 

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