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The best Companion for Enjoying Free Adventure: Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom


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When traveling on a motorcycle, it's important to stay connected with your traveling companions. This will not only increase the fun of the journey but also improve safety. In this case, Motorcycle Bluetooth intercom becomes crucial.

The motorcycle Bluetooth intercom is an innovative communication device designed to provide motorcycle riders with a convenient way to communicate. It uses Bluetooth technology to connect multiple motorcycle riders together for real-time voice calls and interaction. This advanced communication tool gives riders unparalleled freedom and convenience, making it the ideal companion on their adventures.

Bluetooth intercom not only make it easy to communicate with your companions, but also provides clear voice quality to ensure you stay safe while exploring freely. Wearing a motorcycle Bluetooth intercom can help you choose the device that best suits you and start a safe, comfortable and free motorcycle journey.

●The Function of Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

1. Voice Call  

Motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms allow riders to easily communicate with their companions while driving. Whether on long road trips, mountain adventures or daily commutes, this device ensures riders stay connected without having to use a handheld radio or make a phone call. Bluetooth intercom helps with coordination and safety while riding, sharing experiences with each other, discussing routes, offering assistance or just simply chatting.

Bluetooth intercom allows riders to easily communicate with their companions by voice command

2. Security

Increased safety is one of the key benefits of a motorcycle Bluetooth intercom, your best companion for free adventure. Whether you're riding alone or with friends, a Bluetooth intercom can help you stay in touch with your fellow travelers, ensuring a safe and smooth ride.

In the past, communicating with other people while riding a motorcycle may have been limited by many restrictions, such as stopping halfway to reach for your phone to answer a call or perform other operations. Nowadays, Bluetooth intercoms can connect to your phone, allowing you to answer calls or play music, and riders can keep their hands on the handlebars without having to park or take out their phone to do so. This way you can focus on your ride without missing any important calls or music. This reduces the risk of distraction. This helps improve driving safety.

Secondly, Bluetooth intercom have a wide communication range and can cover riders within a certain distance. This means that even if you are far away from your fellow travelers, you can still stay in touch with them and share insights and information from your journey.

3. High Sound Quality  

A good motorcycle Bluetooth intercom provides high-quality sound transmission, making calls clearer and allowing you to hear the other party clearly even when riding at high speed.

The Bluetooth walkie-talkie has good audio quality, premium HiFi stereo speakers that provide clear audio and sound quality during music and calls, and uses advanced CVC noise cancellation technology to reduce background noise, ensuring you can still let the other party hear you clearly Sound When driving at high speed, you can maintain smooth communication whether on the highway or on a rugged mountain road.

bluetooth-intercom-with-high-sound-quality .jpg
The motorcycle Bluetooth intercom provides high sound quality

4.Rainproof Structure  

The waterproof design helps you cope with all weather conditions, you can use the motorcycle Bluetooth intercom in rainy days. Easy button control to play/pause music, previous/next song, switch music to intercom, adjust volume, reject or answer calls

5. Longer Battery Life  

The SCSETC S-12 motorcycle Bluetooth intercom uses a rechargeable polymer 2000mAh battery, which can provide the rider with up to 30 hours of phone talk time and intercom time, 4H video working time, and up to 15 days of standby time. It only takes 2.5 hours to charge.

Some customers reported that even if they constantly chatted with the rider during a 4 to 5-hour ride, listened to some music/FM, or used GPS voice prompts for an 8-hour ride, the s-12 Bluetooth intercom battery was still not exhausted.

S-12 motorcycle bluetooth intercom with 2000mAh battery

● Comparison of Different Types of Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercoms  

Different types of motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms vary in functionality and design, so it's important to choose one that suits your needs. Here is a comparison of some common types of motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms:

1. Single-to-single Intercom

Applicability: One-to-one intercoms allow one-to-one communication between two riders, suitable for private communication with a traveling companion or companion.

Pros: Simple and generally easy to use, suitable for two-person riding.

Disadvantages: Limited communication range, not suitable for group riding or multi-person communication.

2. Many-to-many Intercom

Applicability: Many-to-many intercoms are suitable for team riding, allowing multiple riders to conduct voice communication at the same time, providing better collaboration and communication capabilities.

Advantages: Supports multi-person communication, improves coordination, and is suitable for large cycling teams.

Disadvantages: Typically more expensive, may have a more complex setup, and communication range may be limited depending on the device.

3. Bluetooth Headset

Applicability: Bluetooth headsets are usually designed to connect to mobile phones or other Bluetooth devices and are suitable for multiple functions such as calls, music, and navigation.

Pros: Versatility, can be used for calls, listening to music, receiving navigation instructions, and can often be used alone.

Disadvantages: Not specifically designed for motorcycle riding, and may not have riding-specific features like a motorcycle Bluetooth intercom, such as noise reduction and windproof design.

4. Full-duplex Intercom

Applicability: Full-duplex intercom allow both parties to speak at the same time, similar to telephone calls, and are suitable for situations where instant two-way communication is required.

Advantages: Real-time two-way communication, similar to an intercom, is suitable for situations where rapid communication is required.

Disadvantages: Can be more expensive, usually used in professional fields, and less common for motorcycle riding.

s-9 Bluetooth headset suitable for team riding
SCS S-9 Motorcycle Bluetooth headsets connect up to 6 riders

● Common Problems and Solutions for Bluetooth Intercom  

When using a motorcycle Bluetooth intercom, you may encounter some common problems. Don't worry, there are solutions to most problems so you can continue to enjoy your free adventure.

Problem 1: Unable to Connect to The Intercom 

Solution: First, make sure both radios are turned on and in matching mode. Then, check whether the distance between the two intercoms is within the effective range. Finally, try re-pairing the radios to make sure they are using the same channel.

Problem 2: Poor Audio Quality

Solution: First, check if there are any physical obstacles interfering with signal transmission. Make sure there are no obstacles between the intercom and the distance does not exceed the specified range. Secondly, check the battery power of the intercom, low battery may affect the audio quality. Finally, adjust volume and channel settings to ensure the best audio experience.

Problem 3: Short Battery Life  

Solution: First, make sure the radio is fully charged. Then, make sure you turn your radio off when you're not using it to save battery life. Also, reduce the amount of time you use your intercom, such as using them only when needed. If the problem persists, the battery may need to be replaced.

Problem 4: The Intercom Is Not Waterproof  

Solution: Some motorcycle Bluetooth intercom are waterproof, but not all models are. Before purchasing an intercom, be sure to check its waterproof rating and follow the instructions in the instruction manual to properly use and protect the intercom.

By understanding these common problems and their solutions, you can better use your motorcycle Bluetooth intercom and enjoy the freedom of adventure while maintaining a good communication experience. If you encounter other problems, it is recommended to consult the user manual of the radio or contact the manufacturer for professional help and support.

s-9 Bluetooth headsets with rainproof structure
SCS S-9 Motorcycle Bluetooth intercom are waterproof

Motorcycle Bluetooth intercom plays a vital role in free adventure. Whether riding alone or on an adventure trip with friends, this device offers many conveniences and safety features to make your trip more enjoyable and fulfilling.

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