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Don't do These 10 Things At Motorcycle Friends Party


Handsome is the starting point for most young people to pay attention to motorcycles. They bend at a speed close to 60 mph on winding mountain roads, and the inclination is so low that the road wears on their shoes. At that moment, the dopamine in the brain came out. If it can be so low, the rider will feel that he is really handsome at the moment, and it will become a source of self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Humans are visual creatures after all. Design motorcycles with statement helmets, leather jackets, denim vests and high boots make a fashion statement for motorcyclists.
Happiness is the most frequently mentioned word among cycling enthusiasts. "I am very happy when I ride a motorcycle. I don't do anything at all, and I am very happy just riding aimlessly." This is the first feeling of most cycling enthusiasts. Motorcycle riding can bring unparalleled pleasure. As the wind speed increases, the rider can feel the wind blowing against him, which is intoxicating.

Motorcycle riding offers a unique sense of freedom and independence

How Happiness Is It To Ride A Motorcycle?

Sense of Freedom and Control

Riding a motorcycle gives you a unique sense of freedom, especially when you feel the wind blowing on the open road. You are free to choose the direction you want to go, stop to enjoy the scenery, and explore as you like. Cycling allows young people to stay away from all the troubles in society, work, family and life, and just relax, breathe the free air and enjoy the scenery along the way.

Close to Nature

Motorbike riding brings you closer to nature, you can feel the changes in road, wind, and temperature, and this feeling of being close to nature can bring pleasure and relaxation.

Excitement and Stimulation

The action of motorcycle riding like high-speed driving and turns can bring excitement and thrill. It is also a unique satisfaction to master the control of the vehicle and experience the speed and power.

Social Experience

Riding with like-minded people can increase social interaction, make new friends, and share riding experiences. Real riders have a pure love for motorcycles, and the social attributes extended from riding motorcycles are equality, friendliness, and mutual assistance. Compared with the circle of colleagues, relatives and friends, the social identity of the cycling circle is more blurred. Everyone comes together purely because of common hobbies, there is no entanglement of emotions or interests, and there is no distinction between power and status.

The joy of riding a motorcycle

Don't Do These 10 Things At Motorcycle Friends Party  

Riding a motorcycle can take you to places that are difficult for cars to reach so that you can explore more places and scenery, enjoy freedom, and bring a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. However, you also need to pay attention, whether you are a professional motorcycle rider or a motorcycle enthusiast, there are 10 things you should never do when you are partying with riders, otherwise, you will have no friends.

1. Say Someone Else's Motorcycle Is Bad  

Respect and understanding are important principles in communicating with others, especially in social occasions such as car parties. If you are a rider of the same model, or have ridden the same car, and sincerely discuss the views and opinions encountered during the ride, then there is no problem. But don't even say that the quality of other people's cars is not good and the displacement is small if you haven't even ridden this car. This kind of behavior is the most annoying! Your reviews should be based on facts and actual experience, not assumptions.

2. Moving Someone Else's Motorcycle Without The Owner's Consent

Maybe you have always been yearning to own an R1 motorcycle, or you want to experience the powerful power of a large-displacement motorcycle for yourself. However, please keep in mind that it is quite impolite not to touch or operate another person's motorcycle when they are resting and relaxing. If you are willing to test ride, you must act after obtaining the explicit consent of the owner. Regarding other people's property, maintaining respect and prudence is the basic criterion for maintaining a harmonious social relationship.

3. Dislikes Small or Cheap Motorcycles

There is no difference between cyclists due to the level of displacement. This principle may be understood by everyone. However, in actual operation, sometimes some difficulties will be encountered. High-quality motorcycles are naturally yearned for by everyone, but not everyone's financial situation can afford them. So you may be able to dislike them, but please never hurt someone's feelings with disparaging words. Understanding the choices and circumstances of different people is an important step in building a friendly and respectful cycling community.

4. Instilling Wrong Riding Concepts for Novices

Novice riders may not have much riding experience yet, so they may pay particular attention to the views of experienced riders. Among them, there are some wrong riding concepts, which may have a bad influence on novices. For example, someone might mistakenly think that not having to use the clutch when in gear is a cool move, or they might mistakenly think that going faster in a corner is better; Reluctant to wear protective gear.

However, we must realize that novice riders are in the learning stage and they are extremely malleable. At this stage, it is particularly important to cultivate correct riding concepts and behavior habits. A wrong concept of riding may not only affect the safety of riding but may also form wrong habits in future riding, which is difficult to correct. And some common misunderstandings, such as incorrect use of clutch, too much pursuit of speed while ignoring safety, and ignoring the importance of protective gear, may bring hidden dangers to the novice's riding road.

Therefore, when communicating with novices, you should patiently pass on the correct riding knowledge and experience. And novices should always maintain a humble and open attitude, willing to listen to the advice of experienced riders. With proper guidance and practice, novice riders can gradually develop safe and responsible riding habits, making cycling safer and more enjoyable.

5. Give Advice on Other People's Cycling Skills

People's pursuit of cycling varies from person to person. Some people are fond of high-speed galloping, chasing speed and passion; others are indulging in leisurely roaming and enjoying the scenery along the way. There are also people who like to show the elegance of side suspension in corners, while others are more used to pushing tires to deal with curves. However, there is no right or wrong to these different preferences, and there should be no standard yardstick for judging in the cycling world. Instead of imposing our own ideas on others, we should respect each individual's unique orientation.

6. Disobedience to Order, Drag Racing, and Rivalry in Team Riding

Team riding is an activity that requires unity and cooperation. Riders need to follow the established formation and rules to ensure the safety and orderliness of the entire team. Not respecting the order of the team will not only affect the experience of other riders, but may also cause chaos and accidents. And racing each other is a very dangerous move, which not only endangers your own life, but may also endanger other riders and other traffic participants on the road.

If a rider acts out of order, drags his bike or engages in a dangerous rivalry during a group ride, his behavior may be seriously offended by the organizers and other riders. Not only could this result in him being off-listed for future rides, but it could also create a negative image in the riding community. Respecting the rules and keeping safe are the basic principles that every rider should abide by.

7. Driving Beyond Capacity

When driving a motorcycle, be sure to avoid driving beyond your skill level. After all, trying to get too far ahead can be dangerous. Always make sure you are in safe and steady control of your motorcycle while riding.

Mastering proper driving skills is an important part of ensuring riding safety. Whether you're a novice or an experienced rider, you should ride within your skill set. Driving too aggressively or beyond the scope of one's own ability may lead to unpredictable consequences and even endanger the safety of oneself and other drivers on the road.

Everyone's riding skills are gradually accumulated, so don't worry about being "aggressive" or not "cool" enough. Safety always comes first. With time and experience, your skill level will gradually improve and you will be able to tackle more challenges.

8. Excessive Competition

Excessive competition needs to be avoided. The original intention of the gathering of riders is to communicate with each other and share the joy of riding, and it should not be turned into an arena to show who is faster and braver.

In a gathering of car friends, a harmonious atmosphere and friendly interaction are crucial. We want to understand that every rider is different in skill level and experience. Moderate competition can increase the fun of the event, but excessive competition may cause unnecessary tension and confrontation, and even endanger the safety of riders.

So keep an open mind and respect other people's skills and choices when you're at a biker meetup. Don't turn the party into a head-to-head competition, but instead make it fun and friendly. In the process of cycling, sharing experience, exchanging skills, and enjoying the beautiful scenery together are the real meaning of the gathering of riders.

9. Overly Conspicuous Behavior

When riding a motorcycle, avoid overly conspicuous behavior, especially those that may bring danger. These behaviors may make others feel uneasy and concerned. Wherever and whenever we are, we should be cautious and responsible, respecting the emotions and comfort of those around us. By maintaining moderate behavior, we can work together to create a safer and more harmonious environment.

10. Ignoring Safety Gear  

During riding, never ignore the importance of safety equipment, especially helmets and other necessary protective equipment, safety is always the most important. Among them, the motorcycle Bluetooth intercom is also an important piece of equipment worthy of attention. This intercom not only provides convenient communication but also enhances the safety and fun of riding.

Motorcycle Bluetooth intercom is a great tool in riding, it provides riders with the ability of instant communication. You can have clear voice calls with your companions to communicate lines, conditions and instructions without having to stop or use a handheld intercomer. This communication method greatly improves the coordination and safety of the cycling team, especially in team riding or long-distance travel, it can better keep in touch and take care of each other.

However, for all the convenience it brings, a Bluetooth motorcycle intercom is not a replacement for safety gear, but an important addition to it. The helmet is still the most basic safety protection when riding, it can protect your head from potential hazards. In addition to helmets, suitable cycling clothing, gloves, etc. are also indispensable.

Therefore, while enjoying the convenience brought by motorcycle Bluetooth intercom, it is important to keep in mind that safety is always the primary consideration. Wearing helmets and riding equipment correctly is not only a legal requirement but also an important means to ensure your own safety. And by being equipped with a motorcycle Bluetooth walkie-talkie, we can communicate with others more intelligently, making the entire riding experience more comfortable, convenient and safe. Let us enjoy the convenience of communication while riding, but also keep in mind the importance of safety equipment, and work together to create a safe and pleasant riding environment

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