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For Motorcycle Tours This Year, I Need a Bluetooth Intercom


In the journey of life, motorcycle travel has a unique charm. It is not only a way to explore the unknown, but also a way to communicate with freedom and self. Every time you embark on a journey, whether carefully planned or decided on the spur of the moment, unique memories are written at every turn. This unusual experience creates an unparalleled experience not only in the destination but also in the scenery and experiences along the way.

However, in this free field, I know the importance of safety and connection. In motorcycle travel, in addition to carrying luggage and equipment, I need to share my passion with the world and convey what I see and hear on the road to other motorcycle friends. In this unpredictable world, I want to stay connected with my companions at all times, sharing beautiful scenery, inspiring stories and essential safety tips.

For this year's adventure travel, I have dreams and actions, but I need a new tool to help me realize these desires. I need a motorcycle Bluetooth intercom that can go beyond distance limitations. This intercom must not only maintain a stable connection while driving, but also have enough signal coverage to allow me to keep talking to my companions even at a long distance. Whether it is on a rugged mountain road or a vast plateau, I hope to share my mood, feelings and knowledge with my friends.
Fortunately, I found the SCS S-12 motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom.

Use Bluetooth walkie-talkie to share music, stories, and jokes, which will make the trip more full of laughter

1. Still Struggling To Choose Equipment for Motorcycle Travel? A Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Can Do It All!  

S-12 Bluetooth intercom is a real-time intercom application.

After the S-12 Bluetooth intercom is installed on the motorcycle helmet, it can directly play voice even when the mobile phone is black and locked. It has powerful functions and supports voice commands, hands-free calls, and music sharing.

Using the S-12 Bluetooth walkie-talkie, you can not only make a single call to a certain friend but also freely form a group anytime, anywhere. Generally, 4 people can intercom in a group, and a maximum of 6 people can intercom mode. Meeting more friends with the same interests and common topics is a must-have tool for motorcycle travel, cycling, outdoors, hiking, team communication, and chatting with family and friends.

2. What Should I Do If I Don't Want To Use My Mobile Phone While Driving?

When driving a motorcycle, holding a mobile phone is not only inconvenient but also poses a great safety hazard. Even if the driving skills are very superb, operating a mobile phone may cause traffic accidents, and it may also be captured by traffic police and cameras, causing legal problems. Therefore, using a Bluetooth intercom while driving a motorcycle has become a safe and convenient choice. In this regard, the S-12 Bluetooth intercom is especially worth recommending.

Here are some pictures of the characteristics of the S-12 motorcycle Bluetooth headset intercom:

(1) Bluetooth V5.1 Technology for Hands-free Calls

S-12 Bluetooth intercom is not only rich in functions but also can realize a more convenient communication method. It includes various components such as Bluetooth intercom equipment, Bluetooth intercom buttons, and Bluetooth intercom headsets, providing comprehensive communication solutions for motorcyclists.

S-12 motorcycle Bluetooth headset is equipped with Bluetooth 5.1 version, with high compatibility and stability

(2) Humanized Button Layout

The feature of the S-12 Bluetooth intercom lies in its miniature and lightweight design, as well as the user-friendly button layout, allowing users to easily operate during driving, and to communicate with their companions conveniently even without stopping.

The button design of the S-12 Bluetooth intercom is very convenient. Just press the button to start talking without cumbersome operations. This is especially important during motorcycle riding, as keeping your hands steady and concentrating is key to driving safely. Using the S-12 Bluetooth intercom, motorcyclists can communicate with fellow travelers at any time, share scenery, and remind attention, without having to stop and watch the mobile phone screen for these things.

The convenience of the Bluetooth walkie-talkie will allow you to focus more on driving while maintaining close contact with your companions.

(3) CVC Digital Noise Reduction

The S-12 motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset is equipped with a high-resolution certified microphone speaker and a Φ40mm super large speaker, which can provide an immersive listening experience while riding. It also has advanced CVC digital noise reduction technology, which can easily listen to music and Bluetooth intercom at high speeds, effectively reducing interference from wind noise and environmental noise, without being disturbed by wind noise or engine sound, and ensuring call quality.

Bluetooth walkie-talkie CVC digital noise reduction technology can inject more fun and interaction into your travel

(4) Support Multi-person Intercom

The S-12 motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom supports 4-6 riders to communicate easily within a range of 500M. Equipped with the latest Qualcomm Bluetooth chip to ensure a stable and fast connection. It is also compatible with most Bluetooth headsets on the market, making the connection process hassle-free.

500M group chat for 4-6 riders, motorcycle bluetooth walkie-talkie with high definition and clear sound quality

(5) Long Battery Life

The S-12 motorcycle Bluetooth intercom runs on an upgraded 2000mAh large rechargeable battery. It only needs to be charged for 2.5 hours, the intercom time can reach 30 hours, the video working time is up to 4H (including 2 cameras), and the standby time is about 15 days, which can meet the needs of long-term riding communication and eliminate battery anxiety.

motorcycle intercom 2000mAh large rechargeable battery

(6) Dual Cameras and Support Video Recording: 2K+1K

The S-12 Intercom is an industry-leading breakthrough Bluetooth headset for motorcycles. It not only has a 2K high-definition camera, but also has the free shooting ability of 360° rotation of the body, 360° adjustment of the lens level, and App focusing. A Bluetooth intercom headset with a camera that is truly tailored for motorcycle riders! At the same time, there is a 32GB memory card in the Bluetooth headset, so there is no need to worry about video and photo storage.

S-12 motorcycle bluetooth headset provides a video and photo solution.

(7) Rainproof Structure

S-12 motorcycle Bluetooth intercom has waterproof, dustproof, and sunscreen, is suitable for all-weather, is a good partner for long-distance cyclists or cycling enthusiasts.

The Bluetooth intercom is suitable for various environments to ensure the safety of riders.

(8) Strong Inclusiveness

The S-12 motorcycle Bluetooth intercom is compatible with full helmets, 3/4 helmets, flip-up helmets and modular helmets. Available in most countries and regions.

Bluetooth intercom suitable for motorcycle helmets of various specifications

On the whole

The S-12 Bluetooth intercom is a very practical tool for motorcycle driving. Its multiple functions and convenient operation methods enable motorcycle friends to keep in touch with their companions during driving without stopping to operate. Mobile phones ensure driving safety and convenience. Whether it is a long-distance adventure or a short-distance play, the S-12 Bluetooth intercom can become your right-hand assistant when driving a motorcycle.

3. Start Choosing A Bluetooth Intercom for This Year's Motorcycle Trip

Motorcycle touring has always been synonymous with adventure, freedom and passion. In the moment of riding, the wind blows in our face, the road stretches into the distance, and we seem to be closely connected with the world. However, to stay safe, we must find a way to stay connected that doesn't hinder driving. Bluetooth walkie-talkie, we provide a solution.

For motorcycle trips this year, try a Bluetooth intercom, especially one as capable as the S-12. It not only allows you to keep in touch with your companions while driving but also improves driving safety and fun. In this journey full of possibilities, the Bluetooth walkie-talkie will become your right-hand assistant, allowing you to explore every inch of the road more comfortably and freely. Don't miss this opportunity to experience a more convenient, safe and fun motorcycle adventure with friends!

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