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Helmet Bluetooth Intercom - Vlog Recording Motorcycle Riding Life


With the advent of the information age and the rapid development of network technology, people's living standards are constantly improving. More and more people are recording their lives through recording or short videos. For motorcycle riders, releasing videos or vlogs of their riding on various social networking platforms records all the journey's beautiful moments.

As time goes by, many things in life will gradually fade away. Cycling sports cameras specially designed for motorcycle riding have emerged. Riders can record these wonderful moments through video and pursue that feeling over the long years.  Usually, High-end Bluetooth headsets have a camera function. They are small and easy to carry, waterproof, and have clear picture quality, making the intercom the first choice for riders to shoot vlogs! But how to choose the right helmet Bluetooth intercom? Follow the SCSETC editor to learn more.

1. Choose A Suitable Bluetooth Intercom With Camera Function

(1)  Appearance

The Bluetooth motorcycle intercom is very compact in appearance, and the host is usually installed on the outside of the helmet. Bluetooth helmet intercoms are best equipped with front and rear cameras, which can take pictures from special angles. It is convenient for cyclists to record beautiful scenery or share riding experiences while driving.

(2) Use in Multiple Scenarios

The shooting function of the helmet intercom, as a record of the riding process and daily vlog, needs to adapt to various environments, which requires the intercom itself to have a high level of protection. If it has an IP67 protection level, it has strong waterproof and dustproof capabilities and can be used in harsh environments such as outdoor rain, snow, and dust without being greatly affected. This means that the intercom can continue shooting without fear of damage even in adverse weather conditions or dusty environments.

For cycling and vlog recording, the high-protection Bluetooth helmet intercom ensures that the device can record reliably in various situations and will not malfunction due to environmental factors. Therefore, it is a wise decision to choose a motorcycle intercom with an IP67 protection level, which guarantees the durability and reliability of the device.

(3) Working Hours

The battery life of a Bluetooth motorcycle intercom is very important for riding because it affects how long the rider can use the camera to record while riding. When riding, it often takes several hours or a whole day to record the entire ride, so the Bluetooth intercom needs to have enough battery life to ensure that the camera function can be used continuously throughout the ride.

If the battery life is insufficient, it will cause the Bluetooth intercom to shut down suddenly or become unable to function normally, thus interrupting the recording of the ride. This will prevent the rider from recording important moments of the ride. If the power of the intercom is exhausted and the rider does not have a portable charging device, charging in an outdoor environment may become very difficult, which will affect the rider's continued use of the shooting function and even the normal function.

For riders who are used to recording riding scenery, there is no doubt that they will choose a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet intercom with good battery life. Prefer batteries with battery life that can last up to several hours and 2000Ah batteries. Because it offers long periods of use, ensuring riders can continue to record and capture what they need without being hampered by battery limitations, truly eliminating battery anxiety.

(4) Shooting Quality

Friends who know cameras must know that pixels are not the only indicator that determines picture quality. The lens, size of the sensor, and anti-shake effect are the keys to image quality. Currently, priority is given to Bluetooth intercom equipped with 2K cameras, which can provide vivid and detailed high-definition videos and high-definition pictures. At the same time, it can support wider angle shooting, such as 140° angle, 180° angle, and 360° angle. Riders can capture the beautiful scenery during the journey with extraordinary clarity and detail.

2. SCSETC Bluetooth Intercom With Camera Recommendation

(1) G7+ Bluetooth Intercom Universal Series

● Advantage

· Rainproof Structure

· Support Camera & Video:HD 1080P 

· Video Working Time:6.5H

·  Battery Capacity:2000mAh, support long-term shooting

·  Stand By:15 days

·  Charge Time:2.5H 

·  WIFI Data Transit    

·  Camera Focusing by App   

·  Wifi Data Transit                                      

·  360° Angle Adjustable

● Disadvantage

The number of intercoms is small and only 2 people are allowed to intercom, which is not conducive to communicating with multiple teammates.

G7+ Bluetooth intercom universal series

(2) S-11 Bluetooth Intercom Multi-function Series

● Advantage

· Rainproof Structure

· Support Camera & Video:2K HD , The S-11 has higher pixels than the G7+

· Video Working Time:6H

· Battery Capacity:2000mAh, support long-term shooting

· Stand By:15 days

· Charge Time:2.5H 

·  WIFI Data Transit    

·  Camera Focusing by App   

·  360° Angle Adjustable

·  Automatic connection

·  One Key connection     

·  Intercom Mode: 4 Riders

● Disadvantage

S-11 video working time is shorter than G7+

s-11 motorcycle Bluetooth intercom with 2K HD camera

(3) S-12 Bluetooth Intercom High-end Series  

The S-12 motorcycle Bluetooth headset integrates intercom, photography, and video, allowing riders to record the most unforgettable moments while riding at any time!

● Advantage

· Rainproof Structure

· Dual Camera:  Front Camera: 2K HD, Rear Camera: 1K HD

· Video Working Time: 4H (support 2 cameras)

· Battery Capacity:2000mAh, support long-term shooting

· Stand By:15 days

· Charge Time:2.5H 

· WIFI Data Transit    

· Camera Focusing by App   

· 360° Angle Adjustable

· Automatic connection

· One Key connection     

· Intercom Mode: 4 Riders

· 32GB memory card

Disadvantage: Nothing

s-12 bluetooth intercom high-end series

3. Vlog That Records Motorcycle Riding Life

Every rider has his own story, and every second of the riding journey is filled with different feelings. To show the freedom and excitement of motorcycle riding, we need to start with the details, from the motorcycle rider's handsome C-turn to the quick and gorgeous turn, from the morning sun on the journey to the starry sky at night. You can show these scenes in the video of the Bluetooth intercom and experience these beautiful moments. They are recording the life of the rider.

So, during your motorcycle trip, use a Bluetooth intercom headset to record every moment of your life, weave them into the warmest and most beautiful memories, keep them in the video, and let your riding life shine with the most beautiful light. What are you waiting for, come and share your cycling vlog with SCSETC.

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