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7 Features That Should Be Standard on Every Bluetooth Intercom


Traveling on the open road on a motorcycle offers a unique blend of exciting riding experience, freedom, and connection with the natural scenery. However, the biggest problem surrounding riders is the inability to communicate effectively with their companions, reducing the journey's fun. Fortunately, professional motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms provide a solution, that not only allows riders to make hands-free calls through the intercom but also allows them to share music and even entertainment activities such as taking photos and videos, enhancing the overall riding experience of motorcycle riders.

As Bluetooth intercoms become increasingly rich in functions, they play an important role in increasing cycling journeys, but every Bluetooth intercom must have standard functions. Otherwise, too many functions sometimes cause riders to ignore their initial needs and put the cart before the horse.

1. Hands-free Phone Call  

Motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercoms often have hands-free calling capabilities. This allows the rider to use the Bluetooth intercom without having to use the microphone of a phone or other device. Instead, the rider can pair the phone's Bluetooth device with the helmet intercom and then talk through the headset.

This helps the rider keep his hands free while driving the motorcycle without having to stop to answer or make calls. It also makes it convenient to make calls and ensures the safety,

2. Multi-person Intercom

The multi-person intercom function allows riders to communicate with others while riding, sharing traffic information, navigation instructions or just chatting. The main consideration for the intercom is the intercom distance. The distance within the line of sight (about 500 meters) is enough. Multi-person intercom increases interactivity for family and friends and improves the safety of the entire riding process. For team competitions, it helps the team work together, adjust speed, and direction or share road condition information to make riding more coordinated and enjoyable.

Bluetooth intercom riders group mode

3. Latest Bluetooth Chip

To choose a stable Bluetooth headset, riders need to consider the Bluetooth version. The motorcycle headset uses the latest 5.2 Bluetooth chip, which has high compatibility and stability, enhancing connection distance, power efficiency, and overall performance. It is helpful for riders to talk within the maximum communication distance with clear sound quality.

4. Battery life

Long battery life is essential, even for a short suburban ride with friends, it will take a day, let alone hiking in other places. In addition, during riding, you communicate with teammates from time to time, share music, and listen to FM, so the battery life of the earphones must be long enough. Therefore, choose a Bluetooth intercom that provides high-power rechargeable battery operation, which supports short charging time but long use time or intercom time. Try to choose an intercom that can meet the communication needs of long-term riding and eliminate battery anxiety.  

5. Noise Reduction Technology

The motorcycle Bluetooth headphones use advanced HiFi Stereo Music Play and CVC digital noise reduction, which helps reduce surrounding wind and background noise, ensuring rider safety and providing clear sound. Riders can immerse themselves in the ride rather than deal with annoying noise.

6. High Waterproof Level 

At present, the best waterproof level of Bluetooth intercom is IP67, which is waterproof and dustproof. No matter whether it is sunny, rainy, or snowy, riders don’t have to worry about machine failure. It is suitable for all-weather weather and is a good partner for long-distance cyclists or cycling enthusiasts.

high waterproof level

7. Entertainment Function

What's cooler than documenting your cycling life? The motorcycle Bluetooth headset has a high-definition camera, allowing riders to capture every moment of their ride. Supports body rotation and lens rotation to capture cycling scenery from any angle easily. At the same time, the motorcycle intercom also has a convenient WIFI function, allowing you to connect your mobile phone to view the beautiful scenery you shot anytime and anywhere.

Listen to your favorite tunes with music sharing, listen to FM radio stations, and enjoy crystal-clear audio with simultaneous talkback and FM features.

● Make An Informed Choice

SCSETC different range of Bluetooth intercoms is a compelling choice for riders seeking a feature-rich and reliable intercom system.

Choosing the right intercom depends on the rider's personal needs and preferences. After careful consideration, you'll find the right communication companion - a helmet Bluetooth intercom to enhance your motorcycle adventures!

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