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Today We Talk About Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom


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A motorcycle Bluetooth intercom is a communication device designed for motorcycle riders and is specifically designed for use with a motorcycle helmet. It uses Bluetooth technology to allow motorcycle riders to communicate wirelessly with other people, listen to music, use navigation systems, and answer calls while driving without taking off their helmets, allowing the driver to keep control of the motorcycle with both hands, greatly improving driving safety.

● Bluetooth Intercom Have Gradually Become Necessary Equipment for Motorcycles

Motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercoms have always been a topic of great concern and have become one of the irreplaceable pieces of equipment among motorcycle riders for the following reasons:

1. Improved Security

Helmet Bluetooth intercoms allow riders to maintain communication without removing their helmets, improving safety while riding. Riders can answer calls and send and receive navigation instructions without distraction.

2. Convenience

Motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headsets allow riders to easily enjoy entertainment and information such as music, radio, calls, etc. without having to stop or worry about controlling audio equipment.

3. Navigation and Communication  

When riders ride in unknown areas, GPS navigation using Bluetooth headsets will make the journey easier and communication with companions more convenient. This is very important for long trips or group rides.

4. Technological Innovation  

In recent years, the technology of motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headsets has continued to innovate, adding functions such as wind noise protection and voice assistant integration, making them more intelligent and practical.

Although intercom communication equipment have many advantages, riders should still be vigilant when using them to ensure safety. In some areas, regulations may require specific types of helmet radios. Therefore, helmet communication devices are a topic of great concern, and riders need to weigh safety and convenience, and understand relevant regulations.

Bluetooth Intercom Become Necessary Equipment for Motorcycles

● How to Choose A Suitable Helmet Bluetooth Intercom  

1. Convenience of Voice Commands

The helmet Bluetooth intercom option has a voice control function. You can easily answer calls, switch music and navigate through simple voice commands without having to remove your hands to operate the device. When choosing a Bluetooth walkie-talkie, you should test the response speed and accuracy of voice commands.

2. Safety of Hands-free Calls

Hands-free calling is an important feature of helmet Bluetooth intercoms. When choosing an intercom device, make sure you can answer and initiate phone calls without having to take off your helmet or operate your phone. At the same time, test whether the sound quality is clear and whether the connection is stable during the hands-free call so that you will not be distracted by not being able to hear the other party's words clearly when you answer the phone while driving.

3. Fashionable and Durable Waterproof Structure

Consider choosing a Bluetooth headset with a waterproof design, as you may encounter bad weather while riding. Plus, choose a stylish and durable design to ensure it can stand up to daily use.

If you ride outdoors during the rainy season, you will really appreciate that the IP67 waterproof rating of the G7+ Bluetooth intercom really comes in handy during the rainy season when riding outdoors as it prevents water and moisture from entering.

This grade provides important water and dust tightness. Specifically:

The number 6 in the IP67 waterproof rating indicates that the G7+ Bluetooth headset is highly dustproof and completely prevents the entry of solid objects such as dust and particles. This is important for outdoor activities, especially riding in dusty or muddy conditions, as it prevents these particles from entering the device and affecting performance.

The number 7 means that the G7+ helmet walkie-talkie can be soaked in water for up to 30 minutes, which is very important for riders to maintain the normal operation of the device during the rainy season or when encountering rain splashes. Whether you're riding in heavy rain or crossing puddles, the IP67 waterproof rating ensures the device's internal components won't be compromised.

This waterproofing is valuable for outdoor activities and use in extreme weather conditions, as it extends the life of your device and provides stable communication and connectivity while reducing the risk of damage to your device.

G7+ Bluetooth Intercom has IP67 waterproof structure

4. Intercom in Group Mode

If you often travel on motorcycles with friends, choose a helmet Bluetooth headphone that supports the group intercom function. Your voice will be played back to you through the walkie-talkie, so you can easily make calls and communicate in real-time during the ride.

5. Bluetooth Connection Compatibility

Make sure the Bluetooth walkie-talkie is compatible with your phone or other device. This way, you can use all functions such as answering calls, listening to music, etc.

For long-distance cyclists, battery life is very important. You should choose a walkie-talkie that has a long battery life and can work reliably while riding.

6. The Entertainment Aspect of Music Sharing

If you like to listen to music while riding, then choosing a Bluetooth headphone with music sharing function is a good choice. In addition, high-quality sound quality and volume are also very important. You can check whether the Bluetooth communication device has HiFi Stereo Music Play and VC digital noise technology

7. Stability with Long Battery Life

Long-distance riding requires long battery life, so make sure to choose intercom equipment with stable battery performance to avoid frequent charging.

For example, with the trustworthy SCS G7+ Bluetooth intercom, riders have never had the device crash due to charging. Usually, the working time of using the intercom during riding can be up to 20H, the video recording function can be used within 6.5H, and the standby time is up to 15 days. , the charging time of the Bluetooth headset only takes 2.5 hours, because the battery capacity of the G7+ walkie-talkie is: 2000mAh. For riders who own a G7+, they do not need to worry about low battery issues.

SCSETC G7+ motorcycle Bluetooth intercom with stable battery performance

8. Other Functions

Some motorcycle communication devices may also have other functions, such as camera and video, which can be used to record riding experiences or capture scenery. If you need these functions, then you need to consider this when choosing an intercom.

9. Excellent After-sales Service

It is very important to choose a helmet Bluetooth intercom brand that provides high-quality after-sales service. For example, they should provide easy-to-understand graphic installation manuals, as well as customer service that can help you if you run into problems.

● Choose The Right Product According to Your Needs

Choosing the right helmet with built-in Bluetooth intercom based on your needs and preferences is crucial, the market continues to overwhelm us with countless options and every rider's needs may be different. But here at SCSETC, it is a priority to share our insights rather than rely on hearsay because our ultimate goal is to ensure that you get the most benefit from my expertise and by gaining a deep understanding of your own needs, you can choose a product that is best for you, to improve the safety, convenience, and fun of riding.

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