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Crossing the City: The Perfect Combination of Bluetooth Intercom and Motorcycles


Neon lights are dazzling on the city streets, and the tall buildings beside the road are brightly lit, reflecting a busy scene. People along the way shuttle through the bustling streets, leaving behind hurried figures and laughter. Motorcyclists travel between the traffic, and the wind blows on their faces, bringing a sense of coolness and liberation.

In this vibrant city, motorcycle riders enjoy unique fun and feel the freedom of speeding and pleasure. Bathed in bright lights, they travel through the bustling streets or quiet alleys of the city. Through the combination of helmet Bluetooth intercom and motorcycle, they feel the beauty and colorfulness of life and find their happiness and satisfaction.

As a loyal partner for traveling through the city, the SCSETC G7+ Bluetooth intercom series is one of the key models. Here is a comprehensive display of the G7+ intercom headsets:

1. Colorful Colors  

Fashionable and colorful colors are the unique features of the G7+ helmet Bluetooth intercom headset. It provides three options: black, white, and red, to meet the individual needs of different users. When used by couples, it can form a couple headset, becoming a romantic and practical gift, conveying deep affection and care, which is undoubtedly an excellent choice.

2. Fashionable Appearance

In the era of minimalism, the G7+ Bluetooth intercom stands out with its simple design, one-button operation, and user-friendly functions. Its unique large color block design is cleverly used, giving a strong visual impact and highlighting the fashion style. It uses environmentally friendly ABS plastic, the casing has an outstanding texture and is extremely comfortable to the touch, bringing a new experience to users. Regardless of appearance or usage experience, the G7+ motorcycle headset has won favor with its simple, atmospheric appearance and excellent texture.

3. Sensitive Noise-cancelling Microphone

To balance the convenience and durability of the commonly used functions of the headphones, the G7+ Bluetooth intercom headphones use a high-quality 40mm speaker - high-quality noise reduction, sound positioning, reducing distracting background noise, significantly enhancing the sound reception effect, clearly picking up your voice, ensuring that your commands are always heard, listening to the crisp highs and thundering bass, allowing users to have clear and smooth voice in online chats.

4. Waterproof & Dust-proof Design

The waterproof design helps you cope with all weather conditions, ensuring durability in any weather conditions such as dust, mud, rain or snow. You can use the G7+ motorcycle communication system on rainy days. Easy button control to play/pause music, previous/next song, switch music to intercom, adjust volume, reject or answer calls.

Dust-proof design

5. 2000mAh Powerful Battery

Friends who use mobile phones to connect Bluetooth headsets know that whether it is a headset or a mobile phone, the power consumption is very fast, so the same is true for helmet Bluetooth headsets, and the battery life is also a factor that needs to be considered. It takes 2.5 hours to fully charge the G7+ Bluetooth intercom, which supports 20 hours of intercom working time, 6.5 hours of video working time, and an extra-long standby time of 15 days.

6. Two-person Intercom

The G7+ Bluetooth intercom provides a powerful two-way intercom function, allowing two riders to communicate and share riding experiences within a range of up to 500 meters. This function allows you to stay in touch with your fellow riders and share your trip details with family or friends. Whether on a long road trip or an urban adventure, this two-way intercom function ensures that there is always clear and unimpeded communication between you and your partner, adding more fun and safety to your trip.

7. Clear Communication

The G7+ helmet headset brings you a clear communication experience. Equipped with HiFi stereo music playback and CVC digital noise reduction technology, it ensures that the conversation between you and your teammates is as clear as crystal, eliminating the noise interference of the surrounding environment, and allowing you to communicate effectively. This excellent sound quality and noise reduction function make it perfect for team-riding outings and motorcycle club events, allowing you to stay closely connected and enjoy a pleasant communication experience while on the move.

8. Entertainment Functions

The G7+ Bluetooth intercom provides excellent communication functions and a wealth of entertainment functions to make your cycling journey more colorful. First, it has a built-in FM radio, so you can listen to your favorite radio programs at any time during the journey, adding music and information to your journey. Secondly, through the music-sharing function, you can share your music playlist with your companions and enjoy a wonderful music journey together. In addition, the G7+ is also equipped with camera and video functions, so that you can capture the beautiful scenery and wonderful moments of the journey at any time and record precious memories. These entertainment functions not only enrich your cycling experience but also let you enjoy the fun during the journey, making every ride full of pleasure and memories.

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