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Share 7 Top Christmas Songs via Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom


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As an expert in the motorcycle communication systems industry, SCSETC has a keen insight that both motorcycle enthusiasts and professional riders hope to turn the driving process into a musical ceremony full of "free flight". This Christmas, the SCSETC motorcycle Bluetooth intercom series can support playing music and create a strong music atmosphere during the ride, providing riders with a way to escape from trivial matters and enjoy the Christmas carnival, making this Christmas a different kind of fun.

The S-9 Bluetooth intercom is designed according to the rider's habits in life, entertainment, social interaction, travel, etc. The entertainment functions that motorcycle riders are accustomed to such as talking, GPS navigation, listening to music, listening to FM, etc. can all be called up with one click, both in terms of perception and use experience can meet the rider's requirements.

Using the helmet Bluetooth intercom as the musician and the road as the musical instrument, SCSETC combines percussion instruments with Christmas elements to deliver wonderful music and warm wishes through the S-9 intercom, creating a unique merry Christmas atmosphere.

1. Special Motorcycle Helmet Intercom  

☑ Multi-person intercom mode to achieve group interaction

The S-9 motorcycle Bluetooth headset can support 6 riders talking at the same time. It only takes a few seconds to experience a seamless connection while riding a motorcycle. Even from a maximum communication distance of 500 meters, you can have a real-time conversation with your riding partner without shouting.

☑ Voice Commands, Hands-free Calls

Riders can use the super large button of the s-9 headset. With a simple one-touch button, they can enter functions such as answering calls, hands-free rejection, and voice commands. They can also operate it easily while wearing gloves. Put your hands on the handlebars, and you no longer have to risk stopping on the highway to make a call. Voice operation makes calls smoother, making riding more convenient and safer.

☑ Powerful Battery Life

S-9 Bluetooth headphones with strong battery life, upgraded TYPE-C fast charging, charging for 2 hours, supports working time of up to 10 hours, long-lasting companionship; 15 days of standby, ensuring the convenience of use at any time; 600mAh large-capacity battery, satisfying Christmas Listen to music for all-day.

special Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth intercom

2. Sound Quality Upgrade

☑ Φ40mm Speaker

The S-9 headset is equipped with a professional Φ40mm high-impedance high-fidelity speaker, which can deliver a surging bass effect whether you are talking in a group or listening to music/FM. The received sound is processed by an intelligent noise reduction chip. Even at high speeds of up to 120 km/h, the Bluetooth headsets play an exclusive Christmas playlist, creating an immersive Christmas music experience for the rider.

☑ HIFI Stereo Effects

During Christmas, Bluetooth earphones are used to listen to songs and share music. Riders definitely don’t want to listen to noisy music on the road to affect their mood, so the sound quality of the headsets is very important.

The S-9 helmet Bluetooth earphones have HiFi stereo music playback, restore sound quality details, experience high-quality music, and integrate the driving process with music, creating a unique Christmas experience for riders.

☑ CVC Noise Reduction Technology

When driving at high speed, especially at speeds above 80 per hour, tire noise and wind noise are very loud. If there is no good noise control, it is basically difficult to hear the music clearly. The CVC noise reduction technology of the s-9 motorcycle Bluetooth headset takes the sound quality to a higher level. The professional noise reduction chip ensures that the sound can be heard clearly even when driving at high speed as if you are at a Christmas music performance at any time.

The S-9 helmet Bluetooth headset supports high-quality music and restores the sound quality details of Christmas songs

3. Recommended Christmas Songs

Turning driving into a musical journey takes riders away from machinery and a busy life to experience the Christmas carnival. It not only meets the needs of riders, but also is a profound experience of the emotional connection between SCSETC and riders at Christmas.

No matter how excellent a motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom looks, as an audio product, sound quality is still an aspect that users are very concerned about. What kind of sound quality experience will the S-9 intercom bring us?

SCSETC selected 7 popular Christmas songs for listening:

☑ "Jingle Bells"

It is one of the must-listen songs at Christmas. The cheerful rhythm and vivid lyrics show us a beautiful winter scene through the S-9 motorcycle headphones: a group of children are sitting on a horse-drawn sleigh in the face of a heavy snowstorm, their laughter and laughter echoed in the wilderness accompanied by the crisp ringing of horse bells... The whole song expresses the sincere emotion of loving a better life.

☑ "All I Want For Christmas Is You"

This is one of the songs that must be played at Christmas, and it is also one of the songs with good low frequencies for testing walkie-talkies. The S-9 intercom performs well at low frequencies and can help you quickly integrate into cheerful, healing and joyful songs.

☑ "Last Christmas"

It is a Christmas song released by the British pop duo Wham! in 1984. It describes a person's feelings during Christmas. Although this song was released a long time ago, its popularity is amazing. The drum beats of the song are soul-stirring, powerful, and full of elastic texture. The mid-frequency is a part that is easily overlooked by people, but it is the part that most tests the quality of a headset. In terms of separation, the S-9 wireless intercom headset can better separate vocals and musical instruments and achieve clear layers.

☑ "Cozy Little Christmas"

This rhythmic, jazzy Christmas single can be played on endless loops. Even when driving at high speed, the high-quality sound of the S-9 helmet headset can be heard clearly, bringing the rider into the Christmas atmosphere. The song is both warm and hits our hearts like the ocean, sweet and comfortable. Come and feel this rich Christmas style~

☑ " Christmas Lights"

This song is the 2010 Christmas single by the famous British rock band Coldplay. The band has said that they hope all their fans have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the holidays. Riders can use the high-quality HiFi stereo speakers of the s-9 intercom to provide clear audio and sound quality. The rhythmic melody seems to tell us: Even in the cold winter, there is infinite warmth in the heart.

☑ "Snow In California"

The lyrics of this song "Snow In California" are full of innocence and prayer for love. Ariana Grande's unique lazy voice exudes a girlish feeling, and the whole heart will be melted by the warm singing. The S-9's advanced CVC noise cancellation technology reduces background noise and allows the rider to immerse themselves in the melody of the song.

☑ "I Think It Must Be Christmas"

This song is different from other Christmas songs. It is not cheerful and lively but has a fresh and relaxing feeling. On a warm afternoon, ride a motorcycle, listen to this song, and enjoy the quiet and beautiful texture of the music~

Recommendation of the best Christmas songs to listen to while riding a motorcycle

4. Share Music and Spread Happiness

Christmas is a gentle and warm holiday. White snowflakes, colorful Christmas trees, and gorgeous fireworks reflect the colorful Christmas spirit.

On this romantic holiday, through a professional motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom, you can say "Merry Christmas" to your motorcycle companions in a ceremonial and gentle manner.

Then start your Christmas motorcycle trip, playing a Christmas song through the intercom, and sharing music with companions. Conveying happiness is the best blessing to each other.

SCSETC also looks forward to you sharing Christmas playlists

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