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Share the things you should be aware of on the road


Drive at the posted speed limit

Please be sure to drive according to the speed limit on the road, do not speed, not turtle speed over the car driving. If the car behind you has road rage, it will hate you for cutting you intentionally. So, the premise is, according to the rules of the road, choose the right speed.

Try not to walk in the middle of the road

In China's current urban roads, the manhole covers of tube-wells are basically located in the middle of roads because of the consideration of embedding cables, cables and pipelines at the bottom of roads. Because only cars are considered, and motorcycle two-wheeled vehicles are not considered, it is recommended to drive along two sides of urban roads as far as possible. (A freeway must take up one lane)

Do not compress the line at any time

The white solid line and yellow solid line on the road now have a height difference of almost 2-3cm from the road, and the surface is smooth. If the motorcycle riding line driving, is undoubtedly ice driving, if the rainy day or sprinkling road, out of the skid, even people with cars! So, at no time should you drive down the line, even temporary stops.


Use caution when crossing a zebra crossing

A zebra crossing is made up of many solid white lines. You must slow down when crossing. One is that after comity zebra crossing, pedestrians and non-motor vehicles are more reckless to pass, which is prone to traffic accidents; In addition, if the zebra crossing, or accelerated, will be sideslip, resulting in a crash. Therefore, it is recommended to slow down through the zebra crossing, driving from the cracks, starting not to speed up too fast.

Speed bumps must be slowed down

No matter how high, how flat speed bumps, must slow down, slowly through. Going too fast will only shorten the shock absorption, the hub life, and then complain. Road driving, at any time do not recommend bending, others see not you play handsome, but you fell after the joke. So, make sure you don't bend. Last TIME OFF work MET A FILE CAR GUY HERE bending, left hand STILL DO a touch the ground action, is QUITE HANDSOME, BUT did not press can not be handsome, but decline! Bending suggests going to the training ground, armed to the teeth.

Don't take the expressway on rainy days

Rainy road slippery, and the high speed on the car, the car tire splashing water mist will make your vision become particularly poor, if the weather is bad, rain remember not to go on the high speed.

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