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5 Tips For Maximizing The Sound Quality of Motorcycle Intercoms


Motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms help riders listen to music, share stories, hands-free phone call, and talk to fellow riders while driving, making the journey more fun and convenient. However, there are many brands of motorcycle Bluetooth headsets on the market. Many riders have high requirements for sound quality but don't know how to choose and use them. As a headset, the sound quality of the intercom cannot be ignored. Moreover, high-quality helmet headsets can bring a better riding experience on boring journeys. Today SCSETC talks about 5 tips to improve the sound quality of motorcycle Bluetooth intercom.

1. Equipped With High-fidelity - HiFi Stereo Music Play

HiFi stereo music plays for crystal clear audio and sound quality during music and calls, which have higher fidelity and audio resolution in sound quality than ordinary speakers.

The Bluetooth intercom uses HiFi stereo speakers and advanced technology to accurately reproduce the details and dynamic range of the audio source, making the music more realistic and clear. This means that even if the audio is transmitted through a Bluetooth intercom, you can still enjoy the bass and treble, making the music richer and fuller, providing a more realistic listening experience, and allowing riders to have a smooth listening experience while riding a motorcycle. Whether listening to music or talking on the phone, you can enjoy high-fidelity sound quality.

Equipped With High-fidelity - HiFi Stereo Music Play

2. CVC Digital Noise Reduction

The main function of CVC digital noise reduction technology is to improve the clarity and audibility of speech in a noisy environment by processing input signals.

Most motorcycle enthusiasts know that there is a lot of background noise from the environment when riding, including wind noise, tire noise from passing vehicles, and mechanical noise, which will have a certain impact on sound reception. So it is necessary to choose a noise-reduction helmet Bluetooth headphones. Headphones With CVC digital noise reduction can solve the noise problem without affecting the sound quality to ensure clear voice transmission. Ensure that the other riders can hear your voice in different environments, providing good voice quality, resulting in purer and clearer sound. Choose CVC noise cancellation technology to reduce background noise and enhance speech signals, making speech more natural and improving clarity and audibility.

3. Provide Φ40mm Speakers

Φ 40mm high-fidelity speakers that are professionally tuned to deliver richer, clearer audio output. and the sound is more three-dimensional. Combined with CVC digital noise reduction technology, you can enjoy a clearer and higher-quality experience when using Bluetooth helmet intercom, which helps riders focus more on music or call content without being disturbed by the outside world. Every musical detail is presented clearly and energetically, the bass is deep and powerful, the midrange is full and transparent, and the treble is clear and sweet, bringing an amazing music feast.

4. Stable Bluetooth Connection

The advanced Bluetooth V5.2 version can have an impact on signal stability and sound quality. The powerful signal transmission function provides a more stable connection and reduces the possibility of signal loss. If the signal is unstable, the connection is prone to intermittent and frequent disconnections, which greatly affects the rider's listening to music. At the same time, if the Bluetooth transmission is unstable and the communication signal is delayed, real-time intercom cannot be performed, which will also affect communication with companions. Therefore, choosing the advanced Bluetooth V5.2 version can bring more stable signal transmission and improve the overall sound quality and performance of the motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom.

5. Choose A Quiet Driving Environment

When using a Bluetooth intercom, you can choose a quiet driving route (such as avoiding noisy urban areas 、busy roads、congested traffic sections) to listen to music or make phone calls to avoid noisy background noise and minimize external noise. This helps you hear the other party's voice better, thereby improving the clarity of calls and the quality of music playback.

Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom With 40mm Speakers

6. SCSETC User Feedback

● Ronald Commented:

I was in a semi-enclosed space after putting on the S-11 Bluetooth intercom. Coupled with HiFi stereo music playback CVC digital noise reduction, and the blessing of high-definition technology, I was immersed in a feast of musical listening - each instrument has its location, the layered details of the music are truly reproduced, the treble is ethereal, the bass is deep... Especially when listening to some lyrical music, the aftertaste is long and long... It makes me feel that my mood is suddenly enlightened and the scenery ahead is infinite while riding the bike...

● Violet Commented:

I going to a rally. It was a nice trip that required communication and some music. Although it took a 5-hour drive back, to make phone calls, listen to music, and listen to the radio, the S-12 Motorcycle Bluetooth intercom can do it all on one charge! I got a call from a friend while riding and asked him how my voice sounded when I called him. My friend said that my voice on the phone was clear, with very little background noise, and that my voice was loud and clear.

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