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Why Is The Surface of The Bluetooth Intercom Sticky? 5 Main Reasons and Cleaning Techniques


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Motorcycle Bluetooth intercom is a necessary communication equipment among modern motorcycle riders, outdoor enthusiasts and professional riders. Riders can use Bluetooth intercoms to achieve hands-free communication, voice commands, music sharing, multi-person real-time intercom, video recording and other entertainment functions while riding, providing safety and convenience.

1. Wide Application of Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom  

● Hands-free Communication

Intercom provides riders with a convenient way to communicate in real-time. Just press the voice control button on the helmet headset to easily communicate with fellow travelers without distracting you, improving communication efficiency and Increase riding safety.

●Music Playback

Premium HiFi stereo speakers that deliver clear audio and sound quality during music and calls, featuring advanced CVC noise cancellation technology that reduces background noise to ensure you can still be heard clearly by the other party while driving at high speeds. Easy button control to play/pause music, previous/next song, switch music to intercom, adjust volume, reject or answer calls.

● Bluetooth V5.1 Version

The helmet intercom is equipped with Bluetooth 5.1 version, which has high compatibility and stability. If there are no obstacles such as buildings in a straight line, the maximum communication distance of the motorcycle helmet intercom will be longer, and all riders can talk with clear sound quality.

● Voice Command

The Bluetooth 5.1 motorcycle Bluetooth headset is highly compatible and stable. Answer the phone to achieve hands-free calls, enjoy the safety and convenience of hands-free, listen to music, retrieve GPS routes, and receive voice commands, FM, etc. wirelessly through Bluetooth, allowing riders to stay on track Make a call while enjoying racing.

● Entertainment Function

The Bluetooth headset has a built-in high-definition camera with a wide-angle lens and 360° rotation adjustment. It supports high-definition videos and photos so that riders can record and capture unforgettable moments in their riding life at any time.

● Social Interaction

The intercom function of the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset allows multiple riders to share their riding experience and enjoy conversation within an intercom range of several hundred meters, which is especially suitable for you to travel with your family or friends. Share real-time riding experience through Bluetooth intercom, making riding no longer a lonely activity.

However, some riders are finding that the surface of the Bluetooth intercom on their helmets has become slimy, which raises some questions.

2. 5 Main Causes of Surface Stickiness

● Dirt and Dust Accumulation

During riding, because the Bluetooth intercom is exposed outside the helmet, dust and dirt from the road may adhere to the communication devices, and dust and dirt accumulate on the surface of the intercom.

In addition, the airflow during riding will also blow dust in the air to the motorcycle Bluetooth intercom. These dust and dirt interact with the material on the surface of the intercom (made of rubber or silicone material, which tends to absorb dust and grease), causing the surface to become sticky.

● High-temperature Environment

The high temperature generated by long-term exposure to the sun will cause the materials on the surface of the motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset to age and deteriorate. The shell is usually made of materials such as plastic and rubber. Long-term exposure to high temperatures will accelerate the aging of the material and easily absorb dirt.

● Exposure to harsh Chemicals

Use cleaners that contain grease or chemicals. These substances may remain on the surface of the Bluetooth intercom, causing stickiness. Riders may unknowingly apply them directly through cleaning solutions or accidentally pick them up during storage or use. Other times, the surface is clean, but the cleaning product can leave residue on the case, creating a sticky residue.

● Improper Storage

The service life of a motorcycle Bluetooth headset depends on the quality of the storage conditions when not in use. Placing the helmet headset in a humid environment or near a place with volatile chemicals will cause mold to grow on the surface of the radio housing, which is not a pleasant thing!

● Normal Aging and Wear and Tear

Even with the best care, over time, the surface material of a motorcycle Bluetooth intercom housing undergoes normal aging and wear, losing its initial luster and anti-adhesive properties.

Unfortunately, these changes are permanent and irreversible, which usually means you need to buy a new one.

3. Cleaning Method of Bluetooth Intercom  

In order to keep the surface of your helmet intercom clean and smooth, you can take some simple measures

● Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning helps prevent dust, dirt and moisture from intruding into the intercom, extending the life of the device and improving its stability and durability, especially after riding or when it is not used for a long time.

● Soft Cleaning Cloth 

Use a soft cloth or sponge to gently wipe the surface to remove dust and dirt. Avoid using cleaners that contain oils or chemicals as they may leave a residue. 

● Avoid Chemicals

Avoid using cleaners that are too harsh and can damage surface materials. Typically, you can cover the entire enclosure with a towel soaked in warm, soapy water to soften bugs and dirt and make them easier to wipe away.

● Choose A Cool, Dry Place to Store

To keep your Bluetooth headphones fresh and clean before riding again, choose a cool, dry place away from moisture and heat sources, and away from direct sunlight and harmful UV rays.

● Choose A Waterproof and Dustproof Structure

Choosing a motorcycle helmet intercom is IPX6 waterproof to help you cope with all weather conditions such as dust, rain, storm, and snow.

Use a soft cleaning cloth to wipe dust and dirt from the helmet intercom

4. Choose A High-protection Bluetooth Intercom

Regular cleaning and maintenance can help prevent adhesion problems, maintain the appearance and performance of the intercom, ensure its stable operation, and improve the user experience.

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