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Unveiling the SCSETC S-13: Is This Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Right for You?


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After most motorcycle riders purchase a motorcycle, they usually spend most of their money on the motorcycle itself and the rest on other riding equipment. However, that doesn’t mean riders can save on things like helmets, Bluetooth headsets, boots, jackets, and gloves.

Among these riding equipment, specific motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms are particularly important. Let’s say a rider spends $500 on a Bluetooth intercom, but ends up spending a lot of time on the road adjusting the device or enduring an uncomfortable fit. In such a situation, it’s easy for the rider to ignore the safety risks on the road.

Therefore, riders need to choose a suitable motorcycle Bluetooth intercom, which can provide protection to a certain extent and improve riding safety. A good helmet Bluetooth intercom can provide clear communication quality, allowing riders to communicate with other riding partners in real-time voice communication without having to distract themselves or stop using their cell phones. The convenience of this communication device can help riders stay alert, deliver timely information, and better respond to emergencies.

1. What Is A Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom?  

The motorcycle Bluetooth intercom is a communication device specially designed for motorcycle riding. It uses Bluetooth technology to allow riders to talk to each other wirelessly without the need for a traditional headphone or cell phone. Motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms usually include an earphone and a microphone and are usually mounted on the outside of a motorcycle helmet, allowing riders to conduct voice communications while riding. Some advanced motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms also have other functions, such as music playback, GPS navigation and voice control. They provide convenient means of communication, allowing cyclists to stay connected and enjoy a safer riding experience.

2. Advantages of Bluetooth Intercoms  

To understand the main functions of Bluetooth intercom, take the SCSETC S-13 helmet Bluetooth intercom as an example:

● Real-time Communication  

s-13 Motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms use Bluetooth technology V5.2 to enable real-time voice communication between riders. This means riders can stay connected with other riding buddies, communicate instantly, and share information and instructions without having to be distracted or stop using their phones.

● Group Intercom Function

By using Bluetooth intercom, wireless communication between multiple people is achieved. Riders can share information, instructions, and warnings via voice communication via intercom, allowing them to better stay alert and deliver timely information, improving collaboration and safety while riding. S-13 Bluetooth headsets support 4-8 riders intercom. They can warn fellow riders of obstacles, traffic or emergencies ahead, thereby reducing the occurrence of accidents. Riders can also answer calls without being distracted, as well as use voice navigation features to improve riding safety. In addition, when riders are far apart, they can still communicate without relying on cell phone signals or other external communication devices. This is great for long rides or as a member of a cycling group.

● Convenient and Easy To Use

S-13 intercom humanized design, which is usually installed on helmets and has simple operation buttons and voice control functions, allowing riders to easily answer calls, adjust volume, switch music, etc. This convenient operation allows the rider to focus on riding without distractions.

S-13 intercom specially designed for motorcycle riding

● Versatility

Some advanced motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms also have other functions, such as taking pictures, video recording, music playback, GPS navigation and voice control, etc. Riders can record scenery, enjoy music, navigate easily through the Bluetooth intercom, and operate the device through voice commands without distraction. These features add to the fun and convenience of riding.

● High Security

By connecting S-13 helemt Bluetooth headsets to a smartphone, riders can answer and make calls via voice commands or button operations through the intercom. This makes communication easier and the rider can stay focused and keep their hands on the handlebars. At the same time, riders can use the navigation function to hear navigation instructions through the intercom without having to distract themselves from looking at their phone screen. For example, riders can switch music tracks, adjust the volume or answer incoming calls through the intercom without having to touch other devices.

● Durable and Stable

S-13 Motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms are usually made of sturdy and durable materials that can withstand bumps, vibrations, and other external impacts during riding. They are designed and tested to ensure long-lasting durability in harsh riding conditions and are not prone to damage or damage.

● Waterproof and Dustproof

S-13 Bluetooth intercoms usually have a waterproof or dustproof design to protect the internal electronic components from water, rain, mud and dust. This allows riders to continue using the radio during rain or adverse weather conditions without fear of damage or compromised performance.

● Sealing Design

S-13 intercoms usually have a sealed design to prevent moisture and dust from entering the interior. These seals can be achieved through rubber sealing rings, waterproof interfaces and fasteners. The sealed design can effectively protect the headphones from the external environment.

3. Disadvantages of Helmet Bluetooth Intercoms  

Although motorcycle Bluetooth intercom provides riders with convenient communication methods and other entertainment functions, there are still some technical and practical flaws that need to be noted.

● Higher Price  

Some high-end motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercoms are more expensive and may be out of budget range.

● Compatibility Issues

There may be compatibility issues between motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercoms of different brands and models, causing them to fail to function properly.

● Unstable Connection

Sometimes, although Bluetooth intercom uses the latest Bluetooth technology, the link range is still limited. Few Bluetooth intercom on the market can maintain a stable connection for riders at a distance of 1000m or more. Therefore, the distance problem is also a problem that Bluetooth headsets must overcome in the future.

● Complex Operation: 

For new motorcycle riders, the operation of the motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom may be complicated, and it will take some time to get familiar with and master it when there are many functions.

S-13 helmet Bluetooth intercom with built-in FM radio function

4. Should I Buy The SCSETC Series of Bluetooth Intercom?  

SCSETC leaves the choice up to you. Most riders narrow their search down to a brand and model they like and stick with that brand for years or even a lifetime. In fact, after being certified by a large number of motorcycle riders and enthusiasts, motorcycle Bluetooth walkie-talkie is an important riding equipment. It not only provides convenient communication methods but also improves the safety and fun of riding. Riders should choose a Bluetooth radio that suits their needs and ensure it is used and adjusted correctly to maximize its functionality and effectiveness.

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