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The Social "New Favorite" of Motorcycle Riders



"The walls of the tunnel flashed by quickly as the motorcycle passed, forming a blurred flow line. Although no one was present, the motorcyclist remained fully focused, holding on to the handlebars and maintaining his balance at all times. He controlled the motorcycle expertly Keeping the car at the right height, feeling the impact of the wind and the pleasure of speed. Flying with the wind, it seems to be integrated with the motorcycle." This is a motorcycle boy in the movie 'Only Fools Rush In', who is exchanging Speeding motorcycles and a cinematic scene featuring motorcycle stunts.In the chase scene in 'The Bourne Ultimatum', Matt Damon presents the most realistic and exciting motorcycle shots in the film.

Nowadays, motorcycles not only exist in our lives, the element of "motorcycle" is being used more and more in movies and variety shows. Motorcycles are no longer a simple means of transportation. On social media, motorcycle-related searches include topics such as "motorcycle teaching", "motorcycle equipment", "motorcycle wear", "motorcycle Bluetooth intercom", "motorcycle hands-free" and other topics, have always remained high, which is more to show the young people's pursuit of speed and passion, and also represents the people's yearning for freedom in a stressful living environment.

It is often seen that on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc., motorcycle riders will share their superb riding skills, extreme bending, cool equipment, and slim cycling clothing, plus With the background of the road and the natural scenery, beautiful photos and videos comparable to blockbuster movies can be produced at any time.

As a symbol of speed and passion, motorcycles have fascinated countless people, and it has also made professional motorcycle riders and motorcycle enthusiasts more and more strict about the functions of helmet Bluetooth headset devices.


Motorcycle riders form a mighty motorcycle riding team on weekends or small holidays. The functions of motorcycle Bluetooth headsets are no longer satisfied with Motorcycle Helmet Intercom Communication System, Hands-free Phone Call, Music Sharing, Rainproof Structure, Long Standby Battery, and more hope that the helmet Bluetooth headset has HD Camera & Video so that they can record the scenery around them while riding and feeling the speed. Even after the ride is over, the riders can recall, forget all their troubles and relax through the pictures taken or recorded videos.

Akai is a motorcycle enthusiast who has been riding motorcycles for about 5 years. He not only uses motorcycles for transportation but also likes to run in the mountains on weekends to decompress and relax. Akai also joined the motorcycle club with his friends, and he would plan the route in advance, keep the formation and obey the command of the front of the car.

Last Sunday, Akai wore a SCSETC S12 motorcycle helmet bluetooth intercom, and rode his second motorcycle Ducati motorcycle he just bought on the motorcycle-only lane. As the motorcycle galloped, the wind and wind on the road whistling passed by, stimulating AKai's eardrums. Akai stared at the front, and at the same time, through the single-touch button of the walkie-talkie, he accurately photographed the surrounding scenery when he accelerated, accelerated, and lowered his body. SCSETC S12 motorcycle The Bluetooth walkie-talkie in the car provides a convenient shooting function for Akai.


Looking at the pictures taken, Akai knew that he was completely immersed in the world of speed and freedom while riding, forgetting all troubles and constraints. Akai posted the pictures and videos he took on social platforms. To his surprise, these pictures and videos received high likes. Many people sent messages to ask him, and he also met several new motorcycle hobbies. This makes A Kai very excited. A Kai decided to use the high-definition shooting function of SCSETC S12 to make a motorcycle riding record book, record his riding experience, take pictures of every place he went, and share them on social platforms. 


But Akai also told us that he found his way to connect to the world through motorcycles. He dared to challenge the limit and enjoyed the unique excitement and freedom. Even so, he did not stop learning professional motorcycle riding skills. Therefore, motorcycle riding needs to be carried out in suitable places and conditions to ensure the safety of yourself and others, while enjoying speed and freedom, you must also be responsible for your life.

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