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Spread The Joy of Music On Your Motorcycle With A Bluetooth Intercom


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The motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom is not only limited to communication. It does not require the use of any cables, avoiding the entanglement and restrictions of cables, allowing the rider to be more free and comfortable during riding. It can also be used for music playback functions to enjoy realistic and clear music. Adding to the fun without worrying about audio interruptions or loss of quality provides riders with a richer experience.

1. Why choose Bluetooth intercom as a music playback tool on motorcycles?  

● Easy to Operate  

Bluetooth intercoms usually have a simple and easy-to-use operation interface, with buttons or knobs for music playback, pause, switching and other operations. Riders can easily control their music while riding without having to distract themselves from their cell phones or other devices.

● High Sound Quality

The Helmet Bluetooth intercom usually supports high-quality audio transmission and can provide clear and stable music playback. Riders can enjoy a high-quality music experience, improving riding fun and comfort.

● Versatility

Bluetooth intercom can not only be used for music playback, but can also realize functions such as communication, navigation, photography, video recording, and FM listening. Meet multiple needs through a small communication device, simplifying the number and complexity of devices.

● Security

Using a Bluetooth headset for music playback can prevent riders from using headphones to connect to their mobile phones during riding, reducing the shielding of external sounds and improving riding safety. Riders can maintain awareness of their surroundings and better respond to traffic situations.

riders to enjoy high-quality music over Bluetooth connections

2. HiFi Stereo Music Play

Helmet Bluetooth intercoms are usually equipped with high-quality audio chips and speakers, providing high-quality HiFi stereo sound quality. Through advanced Bluetooth technology, the possibility of interference and signal loss is reduced, ensuring that the transmitted audio has high fidelity and stereo effect. Riders feel the three-dimensionality of the audio during riding and hear sounds from different directions, making the music more vivid and realistic. At the same time, helmet Bluetooth intercoms usually use advanced audio coding technology, such as AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) or aptX, etc., to ensure high fidelity of sound quality. These encoding technologies can effectively compress audio file sizes while maintaining the original sound quality, allowing riders to enjoy high-quality music over Bluetooth connections.

Some helmet Bluetooth intercoms are also equipped with audio adjustment and enhancement functions, such as equalizer and stereo effects. Riders can adjust the sound quality according to personal preferences, enhance bass effects, improve audio clarity, and further improve the music playback experience.

3. CVC Digital Noise Reduction

CVC is a digital noise reduction technology that detects and suppresses interference from wind noise, engine sound and other environmental noise, thereby improving the clarity and quality of calls and music playback. When the rider makes a call or plays music, the Bluetooth intercom microphone captures the sounds of the surrounding environment, including noise and the user's voice. CVC technology then analyzes and identifies this noise and takes steps to remove or reduce it from the audio signal while preserving the user's voice. In outdoor activities such as motorcycle riding, CVC technology makes calls clearer and music more enjoyable. Improved voice recognition and voice commands: Reducing ambient noise can improve the accuracy of voice recognition, making voice assistants and voice commands more reliable. Enhanced user experience and reduced interference from environmental noise can make it easier for users to make calls or enjoy music, improving the overall user experience. Riders can enjoy a better audio experience in a variety of environments.

Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom CVC Digital Noise Reduction

4. Enjoy Happy Riding Time

Enjoying music while riding is a pleasant experience, and the music playback function of the Bluetooth headset makes this experience more convenient and safer.

● Preparation

Make sure your Bluetooth radio is properly installed on your helmet and connected successfully to your phone.

● Connect Music Devices

Turn on your music-playing device (such as your phone) and launch the Music app. Enter the Bluetooth settings on the music-playing device, find the paired Bluetooth headphones, and connect them.

● Start Music Playback

Enter the music playback mode through the control buttons of the Bluetooth intercom or voice commands. Start playing music by pressing the corresponding button or via voice command.

● Adjust Volume and Tracks

Use the volume control button on the Bluetooth intercom to adjust the volume as needed to ensure that the surrounding environment can be heard. If you need to switch tracks, use the track control function of the Bluetooth headsets to operate, or you can switch on the music playback device.

● Safe Driving Reminder

While riding, make sure to stay focused and always put safety first. While enjoying music can add to the fun, do it at the right time and under the right circumstances. When you need to pay attention to surrounding traffic or complex road conditions, it is best to pause music playback to ensure safe driving.

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