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How to Check the Validity Date of a Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom: 6 Simple Tricks Revealed


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In the world of cool motorcycle gear, the quality of a motorcycle Bluetooth intercom is crucial, and it needs to be well protected. However, as the seasons change and the miles you ride increase your trusty Bluetooth intercom will bear the brunt of the elements, including sun exposure, rain and extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. Coupled with the occasional conflict with foreign objects (pebbles on the road, flying insects) and the inevitable wear and tear on the open road while riding, just like the traces of time, the Bluetooth headset will quietly become old. Therefore, in order to ensure the service life of your helmet intercom, you need to master 6 simple techniques.

1. Appearance Inspection  

● Check Headset The Casing

Check the casing for any obvious scratches, wear or cracks. If so, it may affect the service life and waterproof performance of the intercom.

● Condition of Interfaces and Buttons

Check whether the interface and buttons of the motorcycle intercom are intact and whether there are signs of looseness or damage. Ensure that the interface and buttons work properly to provide a stable connection and operating experience.

● Microphones and Speakers

Check that the microphones and speakers are clean and dust-free, and make sure they are working properly.

● Battery

Check whether the battery is installed correctly and if there is no leakage or swelling.

2. Battery Life

● Check Battery Status

☑ First, make sure the motorcycle Bluetooth intercom is turned off and disconnected.

☑ Locate and open the battery compartment. Typically, the battery compartment is located on the back or side of the intercom, although the exact location may vary between models.

☑ Observe the appearance of the battery carefully. If the battery case has obvious scratches, deformation or leakage, the battery may be damaged and needs to be replaced.

☑ Check the battery connector. Make sure the connectors are not loose or oxidized, which could cause the battery to not function properly.

☑ If you have a multimeter, you can use it to test the battery voltage. Set the multimeter to DC voltage measurement mode and touch the test pens to the positive and negative terminals of the battery. Generally speaking, the normal battery voltage should be within the specified range. If the voltage is too low, it means that the battery life may be nearing the end.

☑ Finally, if you still have questions about the battery life, it is recommended that you contact the manufacturer or dealer of the helmet Bluetooth intercom to ask for their advice on battery replacement and maintenance.

● Understand Charge and Discharge Cycles

Check the battery capacity of the Bluetooth helmet headset, whether it needs frequent charging, and how long it can provide for intercom and calls.

☑ Taking SCSETC S-8X as an example, the earphone capacity is 650mAH. When traveling outdoors, it only needs to be charged for 2 hours in advance. It can work continuously for 8.5 hours a day and has a standby time of up to 15 days.

S-8x Motorcycle intercom has playing long time
S-8x Motorcycle intercom has to play a long time

3. Waterproof Performance

● External Inspection

☑ Find the waterproof rating of your motorcycle headset Bluetooth. This can usually be found in the product instructions or on the product packaging. Knowing the waterproof rating can help you understand how deep and how long it can withstand water.

☑ Observe the appearance of the intercom. Check for obvious seals or waterproofing, such as rubber seals or waterproof covers. Make sure these parts are intact and not damaged or missing.

● Water Splash Test

Place the Bluetooth headset motorcycle under a sink or stream of water so that the water flows directly against the housing of the headset. Observe that the intercom is working properly and that no water has penetrated inside. It can also be used to test whether the intercom is waterproof in rainy weather when you need to travel outdoors on rainy days.

● Waterproof Standard

Check the waterproof level of the Bluetooth Intercom. The higher the level, the better the waterproof effect.

☑ Taking SCSETC S-8X as an example, it adopts IP67 waterproof level and comprehensive waterproof design. Each component is carefully sealed to effectively prevent water from entering during riding. It is not afraid of wind and rain, and rides smoothly, allowing you to focus on riding.

SCSETC S-8x adopts IP67 waterproof level
SCSETC S-8x adopts IP67 waterproof level

4 Noise and Audio Quality

● Noise Test

If there is obvious noise, noise or interference when using headphones, it may be caused by signal interference or equipment failure. You can try to move closer to the Bluetooth headphones and away from other electronic devices or sources of interference to reduce possible interference. If the problem persists, you may need to check your device's connections and settings.

● Audio Quality Check

Check the radio's voice transmission for clarity and audibility. You can try having an actual conversation with another rider's Bluetooth intercom to test the audio quality. If you find that the audio quality is poor, you can try adjusting settings such as volume and microphone sensitivity.

● Quality Certification

Check whether there are relevant quality certification marks, such as CE marks. These certification marks mean that the product meets relevant quality and safety standards, providing a certain guarantee.

☑ Taking SCSETC S-8X as an example, it provides CVC digital noise reduction technology, HiFi stereo music playback, and built-in microphone triple noise reduction technology to effectively eliminate environmental noise and ensure that no matter what the situation, the other party can hear you clearly Sound background noise levels, resulting in purer, clearer sound. At the same time, SCSETC S-8X not only achieves clear sound transmission in terms of noise but also supports music enjoyment and sharing modes. It is equipped with Φ40mm high-fidelity speakers, allowing you and your friends to enjoy the same song at the same time, with deep and powerful bass and midrange. Full and transparent, with clear and pleasant treble, share the musical feast together and bring an amazing audio experience.

S-8x motorcycle Bluetooth headset provides high-quality
S-8x motorcycle Bluetooth headset provides high-quality sound

5. Stability and Signal Strength Check

● Make sure that the Bluetooth motorcycle communication system uses the latest Bluetooth chip technology, such as Bluetooth chip 5.1. These new technologies improve radio performance by providing faster data transfer speeds and more stable connections.

● You also need to check whether the Bluetooth intercom supports the Bluetooth multi-person intercom function. This means allowing real-time calls between multiple intercoms. At this time, you need to know the maximum distance between Bluetooth intercoms that can establish a reliable connection. This distance is affected by a variety of factors, including environmental conditions, obstructions, and the power of the device. Generally speaking, the effective distance of a motorcycle intercom in open space can reach several hundred meters, but in an environment with obstacles, such as walls or partitions, the effective distance may be significantly reduced. In order to ensure that it obtains good signal strength and distance during use, you can minimize interference from obstacles, avoid interference with other wireless devices, and ensure that the distance between Bluetooth helmet intercom and other devices is within the effective range. This is great for teamwork and group activities. Whether it is outdoor adventures, events or other occasions that require team communication, it can provide a convenient and efficient communication experience.

Bluetooth intercom for multi-person intercom for real-time calls
Bluetooth intercom for multi-person intercom for real-time calls

6. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

● Clean the exterior surface and buttons of the Bluetooth motorcycle communication system. You can use a soft cloth or cotton swab to wipe gently and avoid using cleaners containing alcohol or chemicals to avoid damaging the device.

● For rechargeable batteries, it is recommended to fully charge them before use and to charge them regularly to maintain their performance. Avoid completely discharging the battery to avoid reducing battery life. If the Bluetooth Intercom will not be used for a long time, it is recommended to remove the battery and store it in a dry, clean place.

● Check the relevant information on the product packaging or product manual, which usually indicates the validity period or warranty period

● Log in to the manufacturer's official website to check the product’s validity period or warranty status

Please Take Good Care of your Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

So, dear riders, please don’t wait until your Intercom turns into a pile of garbage before you care about them. Check them regularly and give them a little love and care, just like you would your motorcycle. In this way, they can ride with you through more wind and rain and share more adventures with you, whether it is the scorching sunshine or the cold wind. A long-lasting Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom can ensure never-ending communication with your friends on the road, bringing more laughter and surprises!

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