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Choosing The Right Motorcycle Communication Device - Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom


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Motorcyclists know that answering or making calls while riding can often be a headache. Riding a motorcycle not only makes it inconvenient to take out your mobile phone but also makes you worried because of the huge safety risks. Even professional motorcyclists with excellent driving skills are cautious about using mobile phones while driving for fear of being punished by the traffic police or being filmed by roadside cameras. Therefore, during motorcycle riding or participating in fierce motorcycle competitions, motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercoms have become a powerful tool to get rid of communication difficulties. The powerful functions of Bluetooth intercom have become one of the indispensable equipment for motorcycle enthusiasts and professional riders.

1. Why choose Bluetooth intercom  

● Intelligent Bluetooth Technology V5.1  

Professional motorcycle communication equipment plays an important role in motorcycle travel with its unique design and excellent functions. SCSETC's motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom series not only solves the problem of convenience in making calls but also pays attention to the safety of the rider. Through highly intelligent Bluetooth technology, riders can easily answer and make calls while driving without having to slow down or stop. This seamless communication experience adds convenience and peace of mind to motorcycle riding.

● Entertainment Function

SCSETC's Bluetooth helmet headsets series products, in addition to real-time calling, hands-free answering and other call functions, also have other powerful functions. Some advanced Bluetooth models can play music, listen to radio, and other entertainment functions, allowing riders to relax on unfamiliar roads, maintain a happy mood, and enjoy the driving process, which improves the comfort of riding and makes the entire riding experience more enjoyable.

● Humanized Design

The motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headsets have become a powerful assistant for riders with their mini and lightweight design. Its uniqueness lies in the clever layout of the buttons, making operation extremely easy. The large and easy-to-press button design not only ensures convenient operation during riding but also enables one-button multi-function intelligent applications. This means that riders can complete a variety of operations by simply pressing the button, such as answering calls, making calls, adjusting the volume, etc., without the need for cumbersome operating procedures.

The Bluetooth intercom installed on the helmet is even more thoughtfully designed. While riding, the rider only needs to focus on driving and no longer has to worry about taking out the phone or performing complicated phone operations. With just one click, you can make a voice call, making communication extremely simple while ensuring the safety of the rider while driving. This one-button operation design concept meets the dual needs of motorcycle riders for convenience and safety and has become one of the innovations in motorcycle communication equipment.

● Waterproof and Sandproof

When riding a motorcycle, facing rain and snow is almost a common occurrence. In this case, riders often choose to keep going, as long as the weather conditions haven't become extremely severe. Therefore, the waterproof function of motorcycle helmet intercom is particularly critical.

SCSETC's Bluetooth intercom has an IP67 rating and a waterproof design that ensures that the motorcycle intercom headphones can still work normally despite rain or snowfall and are not affected by wet weather. The importance of waterproofing is not only to protect the intercom device from rain but also to ensure communication quality and rider safety. Even in bad weather, riders can still easily implement voice calls, navigation and other functions without worrying about equipment damage or communication interruption.

● Multi-person Intercom Function

The multi-person intercom function of the SCSETC motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom has attracted many motorcycle enthusiasts. Advanced communication equipment not only supports one-on-one intercoms between riders and other riders but also allows multiple people to intercom at the same time easily.

During riding, the multi-person intercom function allows riders to communicate with each other in real-time, share riding experiences, or remind them of precautions. Not only does it increase interactivity, but it also improves the safety of the entire riding process. For riding partners, a multi-person intercom allows the entire team to work together, adjust speed, and direction or share road condition information, making riding more coordinated and enjoyable. This innovative design provides convenience and flexibility for communicating with family members, riding buddies, club events, or motorcycle events.

Multi-person intercom motorcycle Bluetooth headsets

2. How to use motorcycle Bluetooth intercom correctly

Here are some things to note when using motorcycle Bluetooth headsets:

● Before using the motorcycle Bluetooth headset, please make sure the headset is fully charged and successfully paired with your mobile phone or other device.

● During riding, please make sure that your intercom is properly connected to the Bluetooth system of your motorcycle, and adjust the volume to an appropriate level to ensure that you can hear sounds from other devices without affecting your attention while riding.

● If you need to use a headset to answer a call, make sure your microphone is positioned correctly and adjust the call volume so you can hear the other party.

● If you need to use navigation, make sure your navigation app can connect to your intercom via Bluetooth and set the route before starting your ride.

● If you need to use the music playback function, please make sure your music device is paired with the headphones and the playlist is set.

● If you need to communicate with other riders, make sure your radio can connect to other radios and set up the communication channel before starting your ride.

● Note:

During riding, please pay attention to traffic safety and do not be distracted or ignore traffic signals by indulging in the use of Bluetooth intercom.

Bluetooth intercom HD sound quality, cope with various noisy environments

3. Enjoy The Convenience of Riding

The motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom is not only a communication tool but also an important part of the motorcycle riding process. It not only ensures communication convenience but also pays attention to the rider's safety and entertainment experience, bringing a new realm to motorcycle riding.

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