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5 Reasons Why Bluetooth Intercoms Are Becoming The Favorite Device For Motorcycle Riders


In today's motorcycle riding community, Bluetooth intercom has become an of indispensable piece of equipment. Whether it is a long-distance trip or a city ride, more and more riders are choosing this convenient technology to enhance their riding experience. What makes Bluetooth intercom so popular? This article will reveal the reasons why Bluetooth intercom has become the favorite device of motorcycle riders through 5 aspects.

1. Convenient Hands-free Phone Call  

The helmet intercom allows motorcycle riders to communicate with their companions wirelessly without worrying about the limitations of communication lines, greatly enhancing the convenience of communication. Using a helmet Bluetooth intercom can ensure the safety of riders during driving. Because riders can communicate with other riders in real-time through an intercom, it is more convenient to share road conditions, warnings, etc., while keeping both hands on the handlebars to avoid distraction when answering calls or performing other communication activities. In this way, they can focus more on road conditions and reduce the possibility of danger.

2. Waterproof and Dustproof

It is normal to encounter rainy and snowy weather while riding. As long as the weather is not too bad, riders will generally choose to continue to move forward, so the Bluetooth intercom headset must have a waterproof function. It can work normally in harsh environments, such as rainy or dusty environments. No matter where you are, you can trust this intercom to communicate. The advantage of this device protection function is not only that it can maintain communication capabilities under various environmental conditions, but more importantly, it can significantly increase the durability and life of the device. This waterproof and dustproof function enables the Bluetooth headphones to maintain good performance even in harsh environments, which not only improves the rider's communication experience but also greatly increases the use value of the motorcycle headphones.

3. Versatility

Many Bluetooth intercoms are multifunctional, greatly increasing the riding experience's fun and richness. In addition to the communication function, riders can listen to music while riding, providing a new way to enjoy outdoor activities. It also has a built-in FM radio, allowing riders to listen to news, weather forecasts, or other interesting radio programs while riding. In addition, Bluetooth intercoms also have shooting and video recording functions, which allow riders to capture beautiful moments during the ride, whether it is crossing a beautiful scenic area or having fun with friends, it can be recorded in detail through the camera. Such a multifunctional design makes the rider's ride more colorful.

motorcycle bluetooth intercoms has video recording functions

4. Battery Life

The battery life of a Bluetooth intercom is a key performance indicator that directly affects the service life of motorcycle equipment and the rider's experience. A strong battery life means that the device can be used for a longer time without frequent charging, which will greatly improve the convenience and efficiency of the user. In the current market, although there are different brands and models of Bluetooth intercoms, the manufacturers understand the high requirements of riders for battery life, so the intercoms are equipped with longer battery life.

For example, SCSETC S-8X

In actual use, this headset can stand for 15 days and can talk continuously for 8.5 hours, with very good battery life. Sometimes when you are in a hurry to go out, you don’t have to worry even if the headset is low on power, because the S-8X Bluetooth intercom headset supports fast charging, which can be fully charged within 2 hours, enough for emergency use. This long battery life recovery mode is perfect for riders who are too lazy to charge and often forget to charge.

5. Excellent Sound Quality

The helmet Bluetooth headset is used to listen to music and talk with teammates, so the headset's sound quality is very important. Motorcyclists certainly don't want to be affected by noisy music on the road. The better the sound quality of the motorcycle's Bluetooth intercom, the more it can provide riders with a high-quality music feast.

● HiFi Stereo Music Play

Riders can enjoy the experience of high-fidelity stereo music playback. This advanced music playback technology can accurately restore every detail of the music, whether it is treble or bass, it can be presented, making you feel as if you are at the music scene.

● CVC digital noise reduction function

This is an advanced technology that can effectively eliminate background noise and make your conversation clearer and without interference. Whether you are driving a motorcycle on the highway or in a noisy urban area, especially at a speed of more than 80 kilometers per hour, the tire noise and wind noise are very large. If there is no good noise control, it is difficult to hear clearly, so CVC digital noise reduction can help riders hear the conversation clearly and eliminate any noise that may affect the Bluetooth intercom.

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