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10 Tricks to Kick Your Worst Habits Riding a Motorcycle in Cold Winter


The cold and frost of winter are often a difficult test for motorcycle enthusiasts. For those motorcycle enthusiasts who like to travel through the cold season, this season seems to be extremely long. When the weather gets bad, motorcycles are often left alone. However, have you ever wondered if there is a way to still ride your beloved motorcycle and remain handsome and chic in this cold and frosty season? Here, we share with you 10 valuable tips to help you overcome the cold weather and continue to enjoy the fun of "wind and freedom".

1. Protect Hands from Cold

When riding a motorcycle, our fingers play an extremely important role. Not only do they have to control the motorcycle, they also have to deal with cold temperatures. However, the fingers themselves are prone to losing temperature, so choosing the right winter cycling gloves is crucial when riding in the winter. These gloves need to be multifunctional, including windproof, coldproof and waterproof. Windproofing protects fingers from cold winds, while cold protection ensures hands stay warm. At the same time, the inside of the gloves is best made of soft velvet material to provide extra warmth. In addition, the comfort of the gloves is also crucial. It is very important to choose the right size gloves. Gloves that are too tight may compress blood vessels and cause finger stiffness, while gloves that are too large will reduce operability. Therefore, make sure the gloves fit well but are not tight.

motorcycle gloves keep windproof coldproof waterproof
Winter cycling gloves must be windproof, coldproof and waterproof

2. Upgrade Motorcycle Equipment: Electric Heated Handlebars  

Heated handlebars are a device that embeds electric heating elements into motorcycle handlebars. Through the control panel, the temperature can be adjusted as needed. This technology heats up quickly, ensuring your fingers don't freeze and remain soft and sensitive.

Heated grips are a valuable piece of equipment, especially for long-distance cyclists and those who regularly ride in cold conditions, helping to reduce hand discomfort and improve control.

Motorcycle Heating Handle Cover
Motorcycle Heating Handle Cover

3. Electric Heated Seats  

An electric heated seat is a motorcycle seat with an embedded heating element that adjusts the temperature of the seat through a control panel.
The electric heated seat can effectively provide warmth to ensure your hips and lower body are comfortable during riding. This is especially useful for long rides or when riding in extremely cold weather conditions, helping you avoid coldness and fatigue.

Motorcycle Electric Heated Seats Cover
Motorcycle Electric Heated Seats Cover

4. Heighten the Windshield

When riding in winter or inclement weather, a raised windshield is a very practical option worth considering. A raised windshield isolates cold wind, rain, snow, or other precipitation from direct contact with the rider's head and torso. This helps improve riding comfort, especially in low-temperature conditions, making riding safer and more enjoyable. While it may detract from the aesthetics of the motorcycle to an extent, it offers numerous practical advantages.

Motorcycle Windshield Extension
Motorcycle Windshield Extension

5. Wear A Helmet: Double Protection

A helmet is one of the most basic safety equipment when riding. Motorcycle riding involves a certain amount of risk in any season, but especially in the winter. Helmets protect the head from accidental collisions and falls, reducing the risk of serious head injuries. The head is often the first area to suffer during cold winter weather. Low temperatures and cold winds can easily chill your head, and a helmet provides an extra layer of warmth. It can reduce the chance of cold wind directly contacting your scalp, keeping your head warm and making you feel more comfortable while riding. Therefore, no matter how bad the weather is, the importance of a helmet should not be overlooked.

wear a helmet double protection

Wear A Helmet Double Protection

6. Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom

In the cold weather of winter, motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercoms not only provide a way to connect but also bring you more elements of comfort and safety. They're an essential winter riding companion, keeping you connected, warm and entertained in wind-chilled weather. A motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom allows you to stay in touch with other riders or fellow riders, whether you're riding together or in separate locations. This is very helpful for group riding or traveling, you can share traffic information, emergencies or just simple communication, making riding safer and more fun. Since sound can be heard through the audio system inside the helmet, you can talk on the phone without exposing your head to the cold, staying warm and comfortable.

Also during the winter, unpredictable weather conditions can make riding more dangerous. If you have a problem or need emergency help, a motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom can be your lifeline. You can contact others to ask for assistance or provide accurate location information to help rescuers find you quickly.

Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom
Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom

7. Cold, Windproof and Waterproof Cycling Clothing

When riding a motorcycle in the winter, it is crucial to choose the appropriate cold, windproof and waterproof riding clothing. This equipment includes thermal underwear, wool or fleece sweaters, warm jackets, and wind protection gear. Thermal underwear serves as a base layer to absorb moisture and sweat, keep the body dry and avoid colds and hypothermia. Wool or fleece sweaters provide extra warmth while having moisture-wicking properties to keep you comfortable. Thermal jackets should be lightweight, warm, and breathable to ensure you don't get too hot or sweaty while riding. Wind-resistant protective equipment such as wind-resistant leggings and windbreakers can effectively block cold wind and improve riding comfort. Finally, waterproof cycling clothing keeps you dry in unpredictable winter weather and protected from rain or snow. No matter how inclement the weather, the right cycling clothing can ensure your riding experience is more enjoyable and safer.

8. Tire Pressure Check

The arrival of winter brings cooling and erratic weather conditions, which for motorcycle riders means the need to take even more careful care of their vehicles. As temperatures drop, tire pressure usually decreases. This is because cold air reduces the air pressure inside the tire. If the tire pressure is too low, the handling performance of the motorcycle will be significantly affected, which may increase the risk of skidding and loss of control. Correct tire pressure helps improve riding safety and stability and reduces risks on slippery and cold roads. Regular tire pressure checks not only protect the rider themselves but also extend the life of motorcycle tires, ensuring they provide optimal performance during winter and other seasons.

Motorcycle Tire Pressure
Motorcycle Tire Pressure

9. Maintain Winter Motorcycle Maintenance  

Motorcycle care and maintenance is especially important before riding in winter. By regularly checking the battery, engine, brakes, tires, cooling system, lights, and electrical systems, as well as making proper preparations for storage, you can ensure that your motorcycle will still perform well during the cold season, allowing you to ride safely and happily Enjoy winter riding. Don’t neglect maintenance as it is vital to your riding experience and safety.

10. Winter Motorcycle Riding Route Planning

Winter weather conditions can be unpredictable and include snow, ice, standing water, ice and strong winds. When choosing a cycling route, you must always consider current and future weather conditions. Choosing a shorter route reduces the risk of unsettled weather. This will better prepare you for weather changes and ensure you have a safe place to rest and escape the cold. Good route planning can help ensure you have a safe and enjoyable ride despite adverse weather conditions.

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