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The Best Adventure Motorcycle Gear: Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom


It's no secret that adventure motorcycle riding has something unique and fascinating about it. Adventure motorcycle riding encourages you to explore unknown territories and landscapes, you can ride a motorcycle through the wilderness, over the mountains, and explore the mysteries of nature. On a motorcycle ride, you can feel free and independent. There is no fixed route or timetable, you can choose the direction to go and the place to stay according to your own interests and feelings.

This sense of fun and freedom of discovery is unique, and it inspires curiosity and adventure.

Adventure motorcycle riding usually needs to face various challenges, such as communication and sharing, how to make like-minded riders, complex terrain, bad weather and unknown environment. Successfully overcoming these challenges requires access to one of the best motorcycle helmet gear - a motorcycle Bluetooth intercom.

Using a motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom will give you a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, while also enhancing your self-confidence and resilience.

Adventure Motorcycle Gear: A variety of motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercoms are available

The Main Reasons Why Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercoms Are Necessary Equipment Are As Follows

1. Communication Convenience  

The motorcycle Bluetooth intercom allows for convenient communication between riders on the ride. Instead of stopping to make calls or use gestures to communicate, members of the cycling team can communicate in real-time through Bluetooth intercoms, share road conditions, warn of hazards, or adjust travel plans to maintain close contact.

2. Improve Security

During motorcycle riding, riders need to concentrate on the road, averting their eyes or being distracted by communication equipment problems may lead to accidents. The motorcycle Bluetooth intercom can keep the rider's hands on the handlebars and his eyes on the front, and communicate through voice commands, thereby improving the safety of riding.

3. Navigation and Guidance

The motorcycle Bluetooth intercom is connected to the mobile phone navigation or GPS system, and the rider can hear the navigation guidance through the headset, avoiding the trouble of frequently checking the map or getting lost, and making the navigation more convenient and accurate.

4. Entertainment Function

Monotonous road conditions can become tedious on long rides. Motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms can be connected to mobile phones or other multimedia devices, allowing riders to listen to music, listen to the radio, or have relaxed and pleasant conversations with friends, enhancing the fun of riding.

5. Multi-device Connection

Many motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms support multi-device connections, such as mobile phones, MP3 players, navigation, etc., allowing riders to manage multiple devices at the same time, which is convenient and practical.

6. Social Interaction

The motorcycle Bluetooth intercom is not only suitable for riding alone but also can be used in a riding team or a community of motorcycle enthusiasts. Through the motorcycle Bluetooth intercom, riders can communicate during the journey, share riding experiences and feelings, and enhance friendship and social interaction.

Put on a motorcycle bluetooth headset for an adventurous trip

How to Choose The Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom that Suits You

1. Sound Quality

Excellent sound quality is a basic requirement for motorcycle Bluetooth headsets. Look for headphones with clear sound and good audio performance so you can clearly hear navigation instructions, calls or music while driving.

2. Anti-interference Ability

Due to the noisy environment of motorcycle riding, choosing a Bluetooth walkie-talkie with good anti-interference ability can reduce the impact of environmental noise on calls and music, and maintain a good communication effect.

3. Water Resistance

Motorcycle riding may encounter severe weather, so choosing a motorcycle Bluetooth intercom with good waterproof performance can ensure that it can still work normally in rainy or humid environments.

4. Battery Life

The battery life of a motorcycle's Bluetooth intercom is important, especially on long rides. Choose a radio with long battery life to ensure that the Bluetooth radio lasts throughout the trip.

5. Multi-device Connection

Choose a motorcycle Bluetooth intercom that can connect to multiple devices, such as mobile phones and navigation systems, and make sure the intercom supports a multi-device connection.

6. Control Method

Some motorcycle intercoms come with convenient control buttons that make it easy to adjust the volume, answer a call or switch songs, which is especially important during a ride when you want to minimize distractions.

7. Branding and Reviews

Choosing a well-known brand motorcycle Bluetooth walkie-talkie or a well-reviewed headset can increase your confidence when purchasing and ensure product quality and after-sales service.

Choose A Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom That Can Connect to Multiple Devices

Recommend the Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

SCS G7+ Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

Product 1: SCS G7+ Bluetooth Intercom

The special design of the SCS G7+ Bluetooth walkie-talkie is very attractive. It not only has the function of an ordinary motorcycle intercom but also integrates a 1080p high-definition helmet driving recorder, which provides more convenience and opportunities for riders to record riding moments.

Here are some features and benefits of this product:

1. HD Quality

1080p high-definition picture quality ensures that you can capture clear and detailed images and videos, and record the beautiful scenery and unforgettable moments of every ride.

2.  Special Design

The SCS G7+ Bluetooth walkie-talkie is specially designed for helmets and can be easily installed on the helmet without affecting the rider's operation and line of sight.

3. Flexible Rotation Angle

The camera of the Bluetooth walkie-talkie has a flexible rotation angle to achieve 360-degree operation, allowing you to adjust the shooting angle and capture pictures from different perspectives.

4.  Multifunction Device

This product can not only realize the intercom function but also has the function of a driving recorder, which saves space for installing multiple devices on the helmet.

5. Unforgettable Moments Record

SCS G7+ also supports shooting high-quality high-definition photos with clear resolution. Motorcycle riding usually has many unforgettable moments, and shooting high-definition videos allows you to review and share these beautiful moments.

6. All-round Noise Reduction

SCS G7+ motorcycle helmet headset integrates CVC 360° noise reduction technology. CVC 360° noise reduction technology uses precise algorithms and multiple microphones to identify and eliminate multi-directional noise interference, such as wind noise, traffic noise, and engine sound, thereby effectively improving the clarity of calls and music.

SCS G7+ Motorcycle Helmet  Bluetooth Camera Intercom

SCS S-3 Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom

Product 2:SCS S-3 Bluetooth Intercom

S-3's motorcycle Bluetooth intercom is very attractive, it adopts a series of features to improve the practicality and experience of motorcycle helmet headsets:

1. High-quality Materials

Rugged appearance is one of the important features of motorcycle helmet headsets. S-3's sturdy exterior design can effectively resist the impact of collisions and bumps, protect internal electronic components, and improve product reliability. At the same time, the S-3 Bluetooth walkie-talkie adopts high-quality plastic and IPX6 waterproof rubber seal, which makes the headset have excellent durability and waterproof performance. High-quality materials and waterproof design can protect the normal operation of the earphones in bad weather and complex environments, ensuring users can use them for a long time.
2. Professional Folding Antenna

S-3 is equipped with a professional folding antenna, which helps to improve Bluetooth signal coverage. Enhanced signal coverage means a more stable connection, avoiding interruptions in calls or music due to unstable signals.

3. Powerful Bluetooth 5.1 Version

The S-3 walkie-talkie uses Bluetooth 5.1, which supports higher data transmission rates, and provides stronger signal coverage and more stable connectivity during calls, music playback or other data transmission, reducing signal interference and dropped calls. Possibility, faster transfers and reduced waiting times.

4. Multi-device Connection

The S-3 Bluetooth walkie-talkie supports multi-device connection technology, which means that you can connect the headset to multiple devices at the same time, such as mobile phones, navigation systems, etc., for more flexible use.

5. 4-6 People In A Group Call, The Distance Can Reach 1000M
The S-3 Bluetooth walkie-talkie supports multi-person intercom, the internal communication of a standard 4-person group, up to 6 people can be connected, and the distance of the running group can reach 1000m. Everyone can freely chat, and share location and information during the journey with just one touch of the intercom button on the fuselage.

6. Volume Adjustment Wheel

Adjusting the volume is a common operation requirement, and S-3 achieves more convenient volume adjustment by adding a scroll wheel on the surface of the device. Users don't need to press the button, just turn the scroll wheel to easily adjust the volume, which is convenient and quick.

S3 bluetooth intercom motorcycle helmet Product Details

Choose the Best Motorcycle Gear for Your Needs

In conclusion, it is very important to consider personal needs when choosing motorcycle Bluetooth headsets. Different motorcycle riders may have different preferences and uses, such as whether they need call function, sound quality requirements, waterproof performance, earphone comfort and so on. Therefore, choosing the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset is a personal task. By understanding your needs and priorities, you'll be able to find a motorcycle Bluetooth headset that's safe, convenient, and enjoyable to add to the fun of your ride.

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