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SCSETC Motorcycle Intercom Revealed At 2023 EICMA Show


● Exhibition Time

Tue, 7 Nov 2023 – Sun, 12 Nov 2023

● Exhibition Introduction

2023 EICMA (Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori), or the Milan Motorcycle Shows is an annual trade show in Milan, Italy featuring motorcycles
The 2018 show drew over half a million visitors and more than 1,200 exhibiting brands, the show is frequently used by manufacturers to debut new models or accessories

The 80th edition of the Motorcycle and Bicycle Industry Exhibition takes place at Fiera Milano Rho from 7 to 12 November 2023

With EICMA International 2023, Milan will once again become the two-wheeled capital of the world

Both a B2B and B2C event, EICMA hosts top companies in the sector as well as hundreds of thousands of fans and consumers

The EICMA show brings together in one place innovation and passion, technique and emotion, mobility and two-wheeled dreams.

2023 EICMA motorcycle exhibition

●  Inside the Exhibition Hall: In Full Swing

In the exhibition hall, there is a motorcycle exhibition event

There are many new models unveiled

Among them are some of the world’s first new cars

Audiences can try the brand’s new cars for test drives

Attracted tens of thousands of viewers to watch

This is the People flow center of the Milan EICMA exhibition


EICMA exhibition in Milan is bustling with activity

Here are motorcycles with cutting-edge and bold designs

The overall shape is tough and sharp, with avant-garde sports colors and a full sense of fashion

Motorcycles that also have over a hundred horsepower

allowing them to easily reach speeds of over 100 mph in first gear

Let riders feel it intuitively

The coolness and individuality of creative motorcycle culture

Provides a variety of options for riders

to meet their needs and preferences


2023 EICMA exhibition scene

Stroll among the dazzling array of motorcycles

Not only immerse yourself in the wonderful exhibitions

You can experience the fun of the motorcycle world more

EICMA attaches great importance to audience interactive experience

A series of rollers are cleverly installed on the floor between booths

As the host explains the new motorcycle

Provide tourists with the opportunity to test drive at designated locations

This is not only a visual feast

It is also an exhibition that immerses every visitor in happiness and excitement

Explain the careful design of motorcycles

● Outside The Exhibition Hall: Sparks Are Everywhere

Knight friends from all over the world

Coming together in the name of motorcycles

Here, the motorcycle rider passed the C bend handsomely

Sparks were flying, and thousands of people cheered

Bringing waves of hormonal heat to the entire arena

Motorcycle Racing: A fusion of speed and passion

The scorching sun, accompanied by fierce roars

professional rider integrates the person and the vehicle into one
the movements are smooth.

Drift, head tilt, tail flick...

A swift and magnificent turn

Various stunts

causing cheers from the audience


The audience kept applauding the riders’ skills

There are a lot of spectators on both sides of the road

Let’s witness this passionate moment together

Every passing motorcycle carries the warm greeting of the EICMA exhibition


Motorcycle racing is popular for its speed appeal

Motorcycles are coming one after another

wave to the audience

It's time to get together

Knights gear up and set off

for the next superb and stimulate

Warm-up on motorcycle control skills
A motorcycle stunt is coming

With the shocking roar of the engine

Skilled motorcyclist turns into a spirit of speed

Perfect integration of car body and human body

Movement is like running water

A series of thrilling actions were staged frequently

An instant of speed

Amazing rollover

360° rotation

Outline an ultimate feast of speed and passion

Let the audience fall into wild cheers

Thrilling motorcycle action

The figure of the professional rider seems to be integrated into the soul of the motorcycle

The light posture makes various stunts unfold like clouds and flowing water

Flexible steering in the air

Nice cartwheel

With the whistling sound of the wind

A thrilling tilt of the motorcycle's head

rapid acceleration

Every movement makes people's blood rush

Let the audience scream again and again in the charm of speed


The superb skills of motorcyclists

     ● SCSETC Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Was Unveiled At The Exhibition


Find SCSETC at E26

2023 Milan EICMA Auto Show

Motorcycle enthusiasts and industry experts from around the world come together

Look forward to discovering the latest motorcycle technology and products

And in this exhibition full of passion and innovation

SCSETC’s motorcycle-specific Bluetooth intercom has become one of the highlights

Helmet Bluetooth intercom not only provides convenience in communication

It also brings unprecedented connectivity and entertainment experience to riders

Now please follow SCSETC’s lens

Let’s go and watch this wonderful event together

             ● SCSETC Wonderful Moments

SCSETC not only has various series of Bluetooth walkie-talkies on site

Many distinctive functions and technologies were also exhibited

Meets riders’ needs for communication, music and navigation

Various interesting and exciting interactive experiences

Attracted the attention of many motorcycle enthusiasts

Come and see the wonderful moments of SCSETC


motorcycle enthusiasts are inquiring about multifunctional Bluetooth walkie-talkies

SCSETC exhibition site

Not only a gathering place for various series of Bluetooth walkie-talkies

It is the perfect integration of technology and cycling

Various features displayed on the booth

Perfectly meets cyclists’ multiple needs for communication, music and navigation

Interactive Experience

It also brings the audience into a

A whole new world of motorcycle riding

SCSETC motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

●  EICMA 2023:What To Expect From SCSETC

SCSETC is pleased to demonstrate motorcycle helmet Bluetooth intercom at EICMA

Designed to change the way motorcycle enthusiasts communicate and share their experiences

The helmet Bluetooth intercom ensures you are stable and safe while riding

An indispensable piece of equipment for cyclists and content creators on the road


Whether you are a die-hard motorcycle pro

or you are still a motorcycle fan who wants to improve your skills

Or just interested in the world of two-wheelers?

Motorcycle Equipment-Professional Helmet Bluetooth Intercom

Worth having

Motorcycle Equipment-Professional Helmet Bluetooth Intercom

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