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The Perfect Partner of Cycling Enthusiast - Helmet Bluetooth Intercom


Most cycling enthusiasts feel bored when riding a motorcycle long-distance ride. At this time, there will be a fun of the intercom that can perfectly combine riding and music to increase the way. The motorcycle Bluetooth intercom provided by SCSETC is an ideal choice to meet this demand. Not only focusing on providing high-quality products but also providing a variety of series for different types of riders to ensure that everyone can find products that suit them.

1. Helmet Intercom Add Fun to The Journey  

There are many challenges in long-distance motorcycle riding, such as complex road conditions, unpredictable weather, fatigue, etc. In addition to overcoming these challenges, cycling enthusiasts hope to add fun to the riding process, such as sharing the scenery along the way with friends, telling interesting stories, and even listening to music and radio while riding. 

However, due to the noise of motorcycles and wind noise, these needs are often difficult to achieve. At this time, the emergence of motorcycle Bluetooth intercom solves this problem and provides an effective means of communication, making the riding journey more enjoyable and enriching.

2. Bluetooth Intercom Basic Functions

● Wireless Connection

The motorcycle communication system uses Bluetooth technology to connect with the mobile phone, allowing riders to use the mobile phone functions while riding conveniently. 

● Real-time Communication

Real-time communication function, such as talking with companions and sharing road conditions, improves the safety and fun of riding.

● Music Playback

The intercom provides riders with personal music enjoyment and supports music-sharing mode. It effortlessly connects with your companions, allowing you and your friends to enjoy the same song at the same time and share a music feast. Intercoms generally use CVC noise reduction chips, as well as DSP, windproof microphones, soundproof membrane speakers, and other technologies. It can effectively eliminate almost 100% of the noise during riding. The Bluetooth intercom headset can play music after connecting to a mobile phone, so riders can still enjoy wonderful music even at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour.

● Clear Sound Quality

Provides crystal clear, natural sound, and the motorcycle headset provides clear call quality even in noisy environments or at high speeds. At the same time, advanced noise control technology reduces the background noise of incoming and outgoing audio.

● Waterproof Design

Many motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms are equipped with a waterproof design, and each component is carefully sealed to effectively prevent water from entering during riding. Even if the road is muddy and mud splashes, it can still be used, which is very worry-free and allows you to focus on the fun of riding.

● Easy to Use

The helemt headphones are small, light, and easy to install. It is directly installed on the outside of the helmet. Not only does it not take up space, but you don’t have to worry about it falling off, making driving safer.

motorcycle helmet bluetooth intercom headset basic functions

3. Essential Equipment

The helmet Bluetooth intercom is the perfect partner for cycling enthusiasts, and its importance and advantages in cycling cannot be ignored. With its lightweight design, it fits the helmet perfectly, provides a feather-light feeling, and almost no burden, bringing riders a seamless riding experience without any restraints. 

The installation is simple and safe, without the need for complicated screws and other additional tools. It can be easily fixed on the helmet, allowing riders to focus on riding. The helmet Bluetooth intercom provides clear communication and increases safety, allowing riders to stay in touch with their companions at any time during the ride. In addition, its advanced noise reduction function and weather resistance make it an ideal choice for various riding environments. Overall, the helmet Bluetooth intercom improves the convenience and fun of riding and is a must-have equipment for every cycling enthusiast.

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