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Choose motorcycle Bluetooth headset must see these points


Ordinary wireless headset use is more convenient, but the helmet headset in waterproof performance, portable, no Internet, no mobile phone can also keep calling link has the advantage of ordinary wireless bluetooth headset can't compare, and all the circuits and components are inside the helmet, does not affect the wearing comfort, can realize to navigation in cycling, answering the call, and his teammates communication at any time, and other functions, Can make everyone in the cycling more comfortable and more satisfied.


The point of choose and buy

The key points of choosing headsets are battery life, link technology, call quality, noise reduction technology, and the adaptation of different brands should also be considered.

1, the range of

Due to the volume limitation of Bluetooth headset, the battery capacity is generally small, generally 850MA-1000mA, and the battery life can reach 12H-16h, which is enough to cope with a small distance of about 300km in a day. For those who travel for several days and use Bluetooth headphones heavily, it is recommended to choose Type-C charging interface (without a micro cable, which is shared with the mobile phone) or a headset brand with fast charging function.

2. Link technology

The most common link technology is Bluetooth, the advantages of mature technology, lower cost, lower power consumption, no matter what brand of mobile phone connection, there are good compatibility. The disadvantage is that the signal is somewhat delayed; It is easy to receive interference at intersections and places with more cars, and the sound quality also has some influence. The transmission distance is limited. The current mainstream Bluetooth technologies are 5.0 (2016), 5.1 (2019), 5.2 (2020), 5.3 (2022), which offer faster transmission speed, longer range, and lower power consumption than the previous 4.x version. Currently, versions 5.0 and 5.2 are mostly used in headsets. Theoretical working distance: at least 500m.DMC technology: CARDO's unique "dynamic grid" connection technology has been patented in the United States. Each headset is equivalent to a wireless signal transmitting station, which can connect more users, make the signal more stable and extend the connection distance. Theoretical working distance: at least 1600m; The longest is 8km, provided it is used between 15 users.Mesh Intercom technology: SENA's unique Mesh Intercom technology can connect nearby users for communication without having to pair each headset. Theoretical maximum working distance: at least 1600m; Up to 8 km in open terrain with at least 6 users / 1.6km apart. In principle, an almost infinite number of riders could communicate within this range.

3. Call quality

The headset Bluetooth headset is essentially used in cycling scenarios. The wind noise and exhaust sound of the car will greatly interfere with our audio quality. In this context, the noise reduction function is very necessary. First of all, it is clear that the noise reduction orientation of helmet and ordinary headphones is different, and the actual effect of noise reduction is not as thorough as the noise reduction headphones specialized in daily use. In addition, there is a slight distortion of sound in the process of cycling, which tests the brand's adjustment ability. At present, the mainstream configuration of noise reduction technology is: DSP+CVC algorithm noise reduction, ANC noise reduction technology is only configured in the thousand-yuan headset.

4. Headphone unit

The size and power of the headphone unit determine most of the sound quality and tone, size, the same price and the same level to the largest choice. The power determines the sound size. For example, the product details page of most headphones does not give specific parameters at all. If not, it will default to be guilty and unqualified, and pass it directly.

In fact, in the eyes of consumers, there is no best product only the most suitable for their own products, no matter which brand of products to choose, there will always be better products, so long as the choice of products suitable for their own good, we should know that the final use of products is our own.


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